How to Use Roxio Easy Media Creator 7/7.5 "Disc Copier" to Burn a Decrypted or Shrunk Movie From Your Hard Drive to a DVD-R or DVD+R

"You can also use the Roxio instructions below to burn a movie that you copied to your hard drive with AnyDVD running in the background.  When installed AnyDVD can always run in the background and will decrypt a movie on the fly."

First insert a blank DVD-R or DVD+R into your DVD Burner then launch Roxio Easy Media Creator 7or 7.5  "Disc Copier". Checkout the main "Disc Copier" screen below:

Notice that under Source my J: 16X/48X - DVD-ROM is shown and under Destination my K: Plextor - DVDR PX-716A is shown.

Since the movie that I wish to write to DVD has already been Decrypted or Shrunk (shrunk in the following example) is already in a folder on my Hard Drive, I click the Radio Button to the left of the words: Disc Image or DVD-Video Folder. Notice how the Write speed now reflects the fastest speed (16x MAX) that can be written to the DVD-R that I have in the DVD Burner (shown below):


Next click the Select button and the following Select "File or Folder" window appears (shown below):

Next Browse to the folder where the ripped movie files and your screen changes to the following:

Although the movie Werewolf Hunter and the Extras are small enough to fit on a single DVD-R or DVD+R, I only care about the main movie; without any extras, so I click on the radio button to the left of the words: Copy single movie and the following screen appears:

Since this particular movie is already small enough to fit on a single DVD-R or DVD+R, Roxio Easy Media Creator 7 or  7.5 doesn't need to shrink the movie to fit on a single DVD.  Because of that, I selected: Copy single movie

However;  if the movie is too large to fit on a single DVD then Roxio Disc Copier would shrink the movie while writing it to a single DVD.  NOTE: You could have also shrunk the movie using DVD Shrink

Next click OK, and the following screen appears:

Next select the Write Speed & Number of Copies, then click the Burn button shown below:

After clicking the Burn button you will see the following screen:

When the writing is complete you get the last screen:

When the writing is complete, Roxio will automatically eject the DVD for you.

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