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Antique Bottle and Related Sites
  1. Antique Bottles --- Antique Bottles is a South African run and maintained site.
  2. Antique Bottles of Baltimore --- Bottle digger in Baltimore, Maryland.
  3. Antique Bottle Collector's Haven --- A great site for finding and learning about Antique Bottles.
  4. Antique bottles, inks --- Ed & Lucy Faulkner's site.
  5. Antique-Bottles.Net --- Where collectors, diggers and traders meet.
  6. Antique Poison Bottles --- James A. Morrison's Poisons.
  7. Antique Pot Lid Gallery Home --- Austrailian and World Pot Lids.
  8. The Aussie Bottle Digger --- Antique bottles and collectibles found in Austrailia.
  9. Bottle Bill's Bottle Dump --- Antique bottle digging and collecting in the UK.
  10. Bottlenut.com --- John Sprung's antique bottle site.
  11. Bottleshow.com --- Bottles & Flasks.
  12. Bristol,TN-VA Collectible Bottles & Their History --- Bristol,TN-VA Collectible Bottles & Their History by Charlie Barnette.
  13. Clay Tobacco Pipes --- Almost everything you could wish to know about Clay Tobacco Pipes.
  14. Codds 'n' Odds - Home Page --- Codds, Hamiltons, Torpedoes, Cylinders, Minerals, etc.
  15. Diggersdiary.co.uk --- Darren & Jerry's hobby of discovering, researching and collecting.
  16. Doug & Linda's Dairy Antique Site --- Butter Churns, Milk Bottles & Cream Separators.
  17. Early American Workshop --- A Web Site for Milk Bottle Collectors and Dealers.
  18. Early Canadian Bottle Works --- Milks, Sodas, Ginger Beers, Primitives, Crocks and More...
  19. The Early Glass Collector --- Website for collectors of early glass bottles and stoneware 1450 - 1850.
  20. Early Glass & Bottles --- Holden Antiques gallery of Glass and Bottles.
  21. Early Vermont Medicines --- A resource and forum for collectors.
  22. Eddie's Privy Page - www.privydigger.com --- Everything about privy digging.
  23. Emmett and Marjorie Baker's Web Page --- Inkwells and Ink Bottles.
  24. Glass Factory Marks on Bottles --- Identification marks found on (primarily) American bottles and jars.
  25. Glass Target Balls --- Glass Target Ball website.
  26. Hair Raising Stories --- Bottled Hair Products and the Proprietors.
  27. High Dessert Historic Bottle Website --- High Desert Books, Bottles, and Collectibles.
  28. Historic Glass Bottle Identification & Information Website --- Website devoted to the identification of American made bottles.
  29. The Manhattan Well Diggers --- The Manhattan Well Diggers Historical Digging And Networking Site.
  30. Matt's Collectibles --- Matt's collectibles medicines.
  31. Miller Antiques --- Arizona bottles, dose glasses, stoneware jugs & early advertising.
  32. Mineral Wasser Pottery --- Foreign mineral water pottery marks from A to Z.
  33. Mr. Bottles --- A website by Wisconsin bottle collectors for all bottle collectors.
  34. The Museum of Connecticut Glass --- The John Turner House in Coventry, CT.
  35. 19thcenturybottlediggers.com --- 19th Century bottle Digging.
  36. Jeff Noordsy Antiques --- Dealers of Early American Glass & Period Decorative Arts.
  37. OLD WEST BOTTLES --- Antique Bottle Collecting In The West.
  38. One Man's Junk --- The sight dedicated to Antique Beer Bottles and Soda Cans.
  39. Paul's Bottle Digging Page --- Bottle digging in New York.
  40. Poisonous Addiction --- Stephen and Debbie Hauseur's poison site.
  41. RICKS BOTTLE ROOM.COM --- Always in Pursuit of Great Glass!!!
  42. Rob's Famous Poisons --- The rarer poison bottles of the world.
  43. Scott's Privy Page --- Your interactive privy excavation news source.
  44. The Soda Fizz --- A free weekly E-zine for Soda Memorabilia Collectors Worldwide.
  45. Soda Traderz by CokeGirl --- Coca-cola and other soda brands, pictures and info.
  46. SouthernBottles.com --- Successor to The 'Whittle Mark' with an accent on Atlanta, GA.
  47. TAZEWELL-ORANGE.COM --- Morbious Fod's Southwest Virginia/Northeast Tennessee bottlers collection site.

Bottle and Glass Auctions
  1. American Bottle Auctions --- American Bottle Auctions in Sacramento, CA.
  2. American Glass Gallery --- John R. Pastor's American Glass Gallery.
  3. Bottle Auction.com --- Bottle Auctions at Bottle Auction.com.
  4. Glass Discoveries Auctions --- Pole Top Discoveries and Glass Discoveries Collector Services.
  5. Glass Works Auctions --- Glass Works Auctions in East Greenville, PA.
  6. Norman C. Heckler and Company --- Antique, Bottle and Glass Auctioneers.
  7. North American Glass --- Early colored and odd-closured fruit jars auctions.

Supplies and Tools
  1. Cowboy Blacksmith --- Bottle Digging "Privy" Probes.
  2. Custom Made Spring Steel Probes --- Privy and Dump Digging Spring Steel Probes.
  3. Justman Brush Company --- 150 different Laboratory, Scientific and Glassware Brushes.
  4. Predator Tools --- The Highest Quality Digging Tools.
  5. Privy Pro Probes --- Hand Built Probes and More.
  6. Schlatter's Inc. --- Spring Steel Probes with extensions and changable tips.

Newsgroups and Forums
  1. Antique-Bottles.Net Forum --- Where collectors, diggers and traders meet.
  2. Bayou Digger Chat --- The North Louisiana Antique Bottle Diggers Association Forum.
  3. Bottle Collectors --- An active Yahoo bottle club. Let's talk bottles.
  4. Bottle Diggers --- A place to talk about old bottles .
  5. Find's Bottle Hunting Forum --- Forum for bottle hunters.
  6. Jar Talk Forums --- JAR TALK Discussion Forums.
  7. Privy Digger Pit --- For Privy Diggers with a passion for the hunt.
  8. TreasureNet.com Forum Index --- Bottles & Glass section.
  9. Treasure Depot - The Bottle Forum --- For the collector and digger.

Bottle Club Sites
  1. APBCA: Antique Poison Bottle Collectors Association --- The Antique Poison Bottle Collectors Association.
  2. Baltimore Antique Bottle Club --- The BABC hosts the largest one day bottle show in the world.
  3. Candy Container Collectors of America --- The CCA's club home page.
  4. Cape May County Bottle Collectors --- Cape May County New Jersey Bottle Collectors.
  5. Federation of Historical Bottle Collectors --- A large national bottle club with membership.
  6. Fraser Valley Bottle & Collectible Club --- FVBCC of North Vancouver, B.C., Canada.
  7. Jersey Shore Bottle Club --- New Jersey bottle club.
  8. Ohio Bottle Club --- Mansfield, Ohio is the largest bottle club in the US.
  9. The Phoenix Antique Bottle and Collectibles Club --- Arizona antique bottle and collectibles club.
  10. Potomac Bottle Collectors of the Washington, D.C. --- Washington D.C. bottle club.
  11. Richmond Area Bottle Collectors Association --- Richmond and central Virginia's antique bottle club.
  12. The State of Franklin Antique Bottle Club --- The State of Franklin Antique Bottles & Collectibles Association.
  13. Southeast Bottle Club --- The SBC provides a free online newsletter covering the Southeastern US.
  14. St. Pete Antique Bottle Club --- The Suncoast Antique Bottle Collector's Inc. in Florida.

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