Tony Covelli: Owner &
Hang Gliding Instructor



Lessons begin at 9am and run until 1pm.

Please wear long pants (worn out jeans are perfect), hiking or walking shoes, and bring plenty of water to drink.

Glider storage is available.

Fly with us, and have fun!

Introductory Lesson: $140

No experience is necessary for this one day introduction to the sport of Hang Gliding and Paragliding.

Students are first shown a video so they know what to expect. The first phase of training is good Ground School which includes:

  • Safety training
  • Fundamentals of aerodynamics
  • Proper setup and preflight of equipment
  • Ground handling experience
  • Practice in our hang gliding simulator

By the end of the day, students should understand how to confidentially foot launch, maintain straight flight, recognize proper airspeed and safely land into the wind.

Mountain Package: $1250

For the serious pilot. This should take approximately 6-10 days*.

This novice package is designed to develop the skills needed to successfully complete your USHPA (United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association, Inc.) Beginner and Novice foot launch ratings, to achieve your first supervised mountain flights from our 1,350 ft. mountain, and to land in our 30 acre landing field. Mountain Package includes:

  • Minimum of 60 training hill flights
  • Advanced training including turns and landing approaches
  • Mountain Ground School
  • USHGA Beginner and Novice rating test
  • Two instructor-assisted mountain flights with radios and student's own equipment (glider, harness and parachute)
  • Additionally, 10 observed mountain flights
  • Complimentary season's mountain flight pass for the remainer of the year (valued up to $185) at our exclusive mountain flight park

*Lessons do not have to be taken consecutively, but must be completed within one year.

Equipment Discount

Purchase a new glider, harness and parachute from us and recieve a $300 rebate!

We also sell used equipment. Check out our Gear page.

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