Loading a Bronica 135N or 135W Film Back

A question came up in the APUG.org forums about loading a 35mm back for Bronica medium format cameras. Liz was willing to shoot over my shoulder while I loaded so we can demonstrate the process.

Shown here is an SQ 135N back and a 36 exposure roll of one of my favorites, Classic Pan 400 (from JandC Photo).
The 135N and 135W backs load the same way. Start by opening the back.
Pull down the rewind crack to free the insert. The insert will NOT come out unless the crank is extended out.
Lift out the insert by pulling up on the left side (side with the rewind crank).
Place the roll of film into the slot on the left side. Note that the extended portion of the film cart points down and that the film will pull off the spool in a reverse curl. Pull out enough film from the cart to allow for feeding through the film gate.
Feed the film through the slot between the pressure plate and the face frame.
The film will exit the slot at the winding sprocket.
Wrap the leader around the sprocket and insert the end into the take-up spool.
Place the insert into the back take-up spool side first. You must put the insert in take-up side first for the winding gears to mesh.
Press the rewind crank back into position.

Take up the slack by turning the winding knob (really 2 small tabs) on the take-up spool side of the back.

Close the back (firmly), mount the back on the camera, pull the slide and wind on to exposure 1 like you would with any 35mm camera.