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Frank Vozzo, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Physics and Earth Science
Coordinator, Forensic Science program
Russell Sage College, Troy, NY.
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I have been a member of the faculty at The Sage Colleges, Troy and Albany, N.Y., for over twenty years. I received my Doctorate in physics from the University at Albany in 1983, and my research interests include ion-implantation metallurgy, spectroscopic analysis, and the integration of inquiry into science teaching at all levels. My latest interest is forensic science; as chair of my division, I was responsible for the creation of the B.S. program in forensic science at Russell Sage College (RSC) and now have the title of coordinator of the program. I am responsible for the upkeep of the curriculum, and the advisement of the students in the forensic science major.

For more information about me and the programs in which I teach at RSC, follow these links:

My faculty home page at RSC.
B.S. program in Forensic Science at RSC.
Department home page.
The W.O.R.L.D. Program.

The materials on this Web site do not serve as direct support for my college courses, although some of its content is the same. If you are a student of mine at Russell Sage College, you can find my complete course support resources on the Moodle server.

If you are a college or high-school student or teacher, you are welcome to use my public resources (updated infrequently) on topics related to introductory physics and earth science courses by following these links:

General Physics I
General Physics II
(Algebra Based)
Physics I & II
(with Calculus)
Earth Science
& Astronomy

These other resources (below) are of interest to students and teachers at all levels. If you are an elementary or secondary school student or teacher, I welcome your questions!

Use these easy-to-read topic pages:

Electricity Facts
Simple Machines
Weather Facts
Air Pressure
Air Bags and Car Crashes
Floating and Sinking
Weight vs. Mass
Weightlessness In Orbit

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