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Internet Connection Sharing

Are you tired of waiting for another family member to logoff from the Internet so that you can then use it? Do you have more than one computer, but only one can access the Internet at a time? One of the best ways to take advantage of your Internet connection is to simultaneously share it with your family.

Now you can have all your personal computers networked to the same connection without any additional ISP connections or costs charged by your Internet Provider. 

If you are currently paying for multiple phone lines or cable hookups, then you can reduce your cost to a single line over a  DSL or Cable Modem or even Dial-Up modem.

While you're online managing financial information or ordering flight tickets, your spouse could be researching vacation spots and your teenager could be instant messaging friends while downloading MP3 music from the Internet.

Internet Access Control

Are you wondering what your family members or employees are doing on the Internet? Do you insist that your children keep themselves in view of a parent when surfing the web?

If you are tired of the time and effort for manual surveillance then you need this product. PServer will automate, control and monitor your household or small business access to the Internet.

PServer is an Internet Proxy Server written in 100% pure JAVA language. A "proxy server" is a software application that transparently converses with Internet sites on behalf of each of your "client" personal computers. Since this application is written in JAVA means that it will run on any Windows or LINUX operating system that also runs the JAVA Runtime Environment, which is freely available from SunMicrosystems.

PServer supports the following major Internet protocols:


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