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What is PServer?

PServer provides your home-based local area network (LAN) with a simple "proxy server" to connect to the Internet. It allows you to simultaneously share a single connection with any number of "client" computers in your home or small business network. All client machines can use their browsers, send email, use Instant Messaging and perform downloads at the same time, as though each machine had its own connection to the Internet.

PServer provides the focal point among all of your networked computers and the World Wide Web. The computer running PServer becomes a "gateway" between the Internet and your personal local network (intranet). It routes browser commands and responses between each of your PCs and the Internet. Also, it provides a significant degree of protection from Internet hackers since the gateway machine acts as a "firewall" by only allowing access to a few well known ports. Using Network Address Translation (NAT), hackers cannot see and are restrained from access to your computers.

Furthermore, a logging feature allows you as a concerned parent or small business owner to closely monitor the sites visited by the other members of your family or users of your network. PServer provides you with the following capabilities:

Control and Security Features

Logging Features and Recorded Information

Parents and Guardians
It is more important than ever for parents to play an active role in monitoring the web content that their children access while online. Child predators have learned to use Internet tools such as email, chat rooms and instant messaging to seek access to kids because it goes largely unmonitored and they can remain anonymous.

PServer provides a simple solution to combat this problem. With PServer, parents know EXACTLY what their children are viewing, who they communicate with and the content of their chats, emails, instant messages and downloads. PServer continually records this information and archives it into daily files with timestamped and tagged records. You can review the logs then block the sites that you no longer want them to access. With PServer, you can see what your children are up to while on the Internet.

You can effectively limit and control access to the Internet and thereby eliminate the need to stand over your child's shoulder or insist that the the doors to their room are kept open while they surf. You keep them honest by letting them know that you can review everything that they visit, read and write.

While the World Wide Web has paved the way to new avenues of customer communication, companies are finding that it has also opened the door to abuse. Employees waste precious company time and resources by surfing inappropriate web sites (including pornography, stock trading, and shopping), sending personal email, chatting online with friends and family, passing confidential company information, and possibly sexually harassing others.

A growing number of companies say that they have had to terminate employees for the misuse of office email or prohibited Internet connections, and many report having to discipline employees for abuse. Recent studies also show that people are spending more time surfing the Internet at work than they do at home. How much of your company time are they wasting; and worse, could this misuse of the Internet actually be hurting your small business?

With PServer, you can monitor and control the employees' emails, chat conversations, instant messages, and their website access. Find out who is working and who is playing, from your office computer. Take away the temptation by blocking websites that take away from your important business activities.

PServer gives you the ability to control access to the various Internet protocols. Control management can be performed on a global basis for all machines, or on a selective per client machine basis, thereby disabling access only for certain users or certain protocols.

For example:

You may wish to permit website browsing but disallow email.
shutdown AOL Instant Messaging for your child's machine after 8pm.

PServer provides the following efficiencies:

PServer can be tuned to your situation and performance requirements. You can adjust PServer in the following ways:

PServer has no programmed limit to the number of computers that can connect to the Internet. The number of connections is determined only by the resources available on the designated "gateway" computer on which PServer runs. Only this computer need have a connection via cable modem, dial-up, DSL, ISDN or any of the other methods used to link to your Internet Service Provider.

PServer requires NO SCRIPTS OR PROGRAMS to be installed on any other client computer in your home. The machine running the PServer gateway is still free to run other work. It does not need to be exclusive to PServer. PServer is extremely efficient. It has the smarts to bring more resources to bear only when conditions warrant, thereby conserving memory and processor time. So don't throw out that old PC, it will make a good server for Internet connections.

Why use this product when you can share the Internet using hardware routers?

Much of the above sharing features can be provided by hardware routers on the market. However, you will be limited in growth and the flexibility that only PServer software can provide.

PServer has these advantages over "hardware routing":

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