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Golden River Inn Apiary & Farm Jamaica West Indies

Gourmet Products
We are a limited small production organic farm and do not practice commercialized methods. Please inquire by sending us an email regarding our stock. We will respond in a day or two and you may then proceed to purchase via Paypal.

The alluvium soils of Jamaica are continually enriched by the surrounding limestone and underlying igneous rock. The soil in the region is mainly derived from relatively pure coralline limestone. Bauxite soils of Jamaica are made of limestone and dolomite rich in minerals. We use rich organic compost that naturally occurs from the mulch of brush, bush, tree leaves and other organic matter to fertilize our crops.

Golden River Jamaican Honey
.....Our hives produceĀ a delicate, multiflora amber honey. We do not filter or heat our honey as most commercial honey producers do. Unfiltered honey preserves the richness and flavor as well as the antioxidants, amino acids, enzymes, vitamins and minerals that naturally occur in honey. It may crystallize and have pieces of wax, propolis, and pollen. The honey will never spoil. If left out in a warm tempered room it will easily melt for ease to pour or spoon out. We believe in preserving the integrity and natural compounds from apiary to consumer as nature intends. We are experimenting with new ways of beekeeping to find practical and obvious solutions to CCP-Colony Collapse Disorder We allow a certain population of our bees to swarm. In addition we experiment with colonies to allow them to produce their own wax frame instead of purchasing pre-made frames as the commercial beekeeping industry does. Of course all of this requires more patience and slower production than most commercial beekeepers. However, these measures are vitally important to the survival of our bees. Allowing bees to produce their won cells we have observed staves off Foal Broad, which which does not live in the naturally smaller cells bees create themselves. Standardized sizes frame foundation are much larger and foal brood develops in them more easily. Our findings are not conclusive and we are not scientists. We are observers of nature as our teacher and guide to hopefully being better stewards of our planet. Bees are truly amazing creatures. We hope to enlighten and encourage people to become beekeepers. and bring and awareness the importance the precious creatures provide to our sustenance of life. You can tell the temperature by their flight pattern. They produce not only honey, but wax and pollen. They are sensitive and intelligent creatures and without them we would perish. Our bees forage on a variety of fruit and fauna, to include orchids, heliconias, trumpet flower, coconut, mangos, star apple, ginger, ackee, pineapple, jackfruit, soursop, vanilla plants and guava. Honey can be used in a variety of ways, of course in teas and coffee, on buttered toast, yogurt, drizzled on fruit, in cocktails, and rum punch, as well as in porridge and cereal. We use our honey in many dishes and marinades with scotch bonnet, pimento and citrus mixtures to baste onto pork chops, chicken, fish or vegetables on the grill or oven. It can drizzled over yams with lemon and zest, or with grated ginger. We also use honey in a mask treatment we offer our guests. Honey consumption is said to be directly related to increased levels of polyphenol,s an antioxidant compound linked to a reduced risk of heart disease and cancer. We love our bees. They teach us much about the cycles of life and food production.
325 ML $14

Golden River Jamaican Cacao and Chocolate
In Jamaica cocoa tea is used in a raw natural state. The pod is picked and the shell removed from the beans and dried in the sun under shaded cloth or plastic on bamboo mats. After it dries it is then ground with a mortar and pestle. The ground beans forms a paste, like peanut butter, and then rolled into balls. As the temperature lowers the balls then harden. It is then grated and added to hot water or milk. A traditional favorite is adding honey, nutmeg and cinnamon. Cocoa is packed with antioxidants, including polyphenols, catechins and epicatechins which helps to fight off free radicals, Favonols help the body produce Nitric Oxide, a compound essential for proper heart function. Cacao beans offer a powerful boost of phenylethylamine (PEA) and anandamide, which both enhance your mood and an aphrodisiac. So watch out! Raw cacao is also a natural source of trace minerals, such as manganese, zinc and copper, which help to maintain healthy blood while theo bromine, iron, chromium, magnesium and omega-6 fatty acids play an important role in heart health, brain function, growth and development. Great to sprinkled over ice cream, mixed with honey and nuts for a great snack. Raw cacao beans can be added to a fruit or one our favorite is in warm coconut milk and fresh vanilla bean, yummmmmmmy....cacao beans should be refrigerated or stored in a cool dry place. Our beans are a favorite of a few culinary schools in Italy.
8 OZ. $9

Golden River Jamaican Vanilla ....Vanilla is a flavoring derived from orchids and native to Mexico. Vanilla, means little pod. Vanilla is the second most expensive spice after saffron due to the extensive labor required to grow the vanilla seed pod. It is not only used in cuisine but also in parfume and aroma therapy for its intoxicating bouquet. One of our favorite treats a few luscious pods in warm coconut milk with cocoa. We have limited supplies of vanilla, so grab it when we have it and freeze to keep fresh.
6 Vanilla Beans $20

Jamaican Spices & Herbs
We package different spices in season, Sorrel, Sour sop leaves, Nutmeg and Mace, Pimento, Wild Ginger, and Turmeric, and Herbal Tea Blends. We currently do not ship these products. They are available for purchase for our guests as we make different blends to suit each persons needs.

Jamaican Coffee
What can we say....the best coffee in the world- Bim! We do not ship coffee currently. We grow a small quantity for our guests.

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