King's Chapel Tuesday Noon Hour Recitals in association with Garden State Sacred Harp Singers, Inc. presents

Billings 2000 -- The Bicentennial Commemoration

a celebration of the life and work of Colonial and Federal America's preeminent composer
held in observance of the 200th anniversary of his death

Tuesday, September 26, 2000
King's Chapel
Tremont and School Streets
Boston, Massachusetts

On 59 evenings from January 18 to August 9, 1786, at a pay of 12 shillings per session, William Billings taught singing at King's Chapel to "such persons of both sexes as incline to sing psalm-tunes." On Tuesday, December 21, 1790 at 3 o'clock, during a period when the composer was suffering considerable financial distress, a concert of sacred music, encompassing both instrumental and vocal music, was held there for his benefit, with tickets selling for 2 shillings each.

Billings died in Boston exactly two hundred years before the date of our commemoration, on September 26, 1800.

NB The singing on September 26, 2000 will be led, in the spirit of a traditional American singing school, by a distinguished group of choral music, early music, American music, and psalmody specialists--and by anyone else who volunteers (this means you!).

Requests for particular compositions of Mr. Billings to be included in the public demonstration or in the remainder of the day's singing will be entertained at the e-mail address given below.

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