Worship Dance Defined

What is "Worship" dance?

Worship dance is the use of dance and movement for the purpose of praising and honoring God. Worship Dance should draw people's attention to God and His majesty. Whether called "Praise" dance, "Sacred" dance, or "Liturgical" dance, it is an expression of worship that can enhance your personal worship time as well as add a visual element to public worship.

Is Worship dance specific to a particular denomination?

No. Many different denominations use worship dance as an expression of worship. Psalms 149 and 150 command believers to "praise God with the dance." King David danced before the Lord with all his might (1 Samuel 6: 14) and the meaning of many Biblical praise words contain elements of movement. Some denominations do approach the use of dance in worship with caution. Worship dancers need to be sensitive to those concerns and pray for wisdom to share worship dance in a manner that will be honoring and pleasing to God.

Can anyone do Worship dance?

Worship dance can be enjoyed by the young and old alike. The most important criteria for taking part in worship dance is a love for God and the desire to use dance for praise and worship. It is the dancer's heart that makes the expression of worship real, God honoring, and a blessing.

What kind of training is needed for Worship dance?

The dancer should have some basic sense of movement. Ballet and other dance forms give the dancer the strength and flexibility to move with ease, but dance training is only one element for the worship dancer. Those learning worship dance also need to study God's Word and spend time in prayer and private devotion.

What kind of clothes are worn for Worship dance?

Whether in class or in public, the worship dancer's dress should be modest. In class, the dancer should wear a loose fitting shirt over leggings, sweats, long shorts or skirt. Ballet slippers, jazz shoes, or bare feet are acceptable. During a concert or public worship service, the dancer's dress should reflect God's holiness and order.

What is the Worship dance class like?

Class begins with prayer and praise followed by a warm up for the body and spirit. Dancers receive instruction on the use of dance movement in worship and applying this technique to worship music. Among the many elements of worship dance taught in class are: interpretive movements, Davidic praise dances, how to use flags and props, and processional movements. Dancers are encouraged to use these skills to create their own interpretation expression.

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