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Since 1992 founder and artist Doris McGillan has lived her dream through her ethnic dolls which have graced the pages of numerous publications and news media. She has achieved Hall of Fame honors and elite craftmenship through Heritage Designs which celebrates African and African American culture and history. Her dolls are more than art, they are  teaching tools which each tell their own individual story.




The power of McGillan’s works has been recognized by a wide spectrum of society.  She has been honored with the Art and Culture Award by the Coalition of 100 Black Women Inc. and the BEN Award of the Chester County Chamber of Commerce:  published and featured in the media including the Craft Report Journal and the Philadelphia Inquirer. Her dolls are found in the collections of Sen. Hillary Clinton, Anita Baker, and NFL stars.


Mrs. McGillan is a frequent lecturer on the history behind her work, and takes pride in being able to impart vital information about African American history to children of today’s American.



"Heritage Designs Ethnic Dolls are collectible art to be cherished for generations to come." Founder & Owner Doris McGillan

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Doris McGillan doesn’t fit the image of a doll maker, nor do her dolls fit the classic doll mold.  They are at once beautiful and moving, evocative of thousands of years of culture, African and African American.

McGillan’s dolls are like precious sculptures and works of art, rather than playthings.  All are dressed in luxurious, authentic African fabric that is finished with a designer formula so that they seem porcelain-like.


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