How To Think Like a Computer Scientist:
Learning With Ruby

by Elizabeth Wiethoff




Contributors and Acknowledgments

Chapter 1: The Way of the Program

Chapter 2: Variables and Operators

Chapter 3: Methods

Chapter 4: Conditionals and Recursion

Chapter 5: Fruitful Methods

Chapter 6: Iteration

Chapter 7: Strings and Things

Chapter 8: Interesting Objects

Chapter 9: Create Your Own Objects

Chapter 10: Arrays

Chapter 11: Arrays of Objects

Chapter 12: Objects of Arrays

Chapter 13: Object-Oriented Programming

Chapter 14: Linked Lists

Chapter 15: Stacks

Chapter 16: Queues and Priority Queues

Chapter 17: Trees

Chapter 18: Heaps

Chapter 19: Maps

Chapter 20: Huffman Code

Appendix A: Program Development Plan

Appendix B: Debugging

Appendix C: Input and Output in Java

Appendix D: Graphics

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