How To Think Like a Computer Scientist: Learning With Ruby

Ruby Programming Resources

Ruby References

Online Tutorials

Try Ruby!
Try programming in Ruby without having to install anything on your system. This is a short, interactive tutorial which works right in your browser.
Learning Ruby
Suitable for novice programmers, this tutorial starts you out working interactively in irb then moves on to writing your own programs. Complete with screen shots. Assumes Ruby version 1.6.
Learn To Program
A wonderful Ruby tutorial by Chris Pine, later expanded into a paperback book (see below). Once you try this tutorial and a few other online tutorials, you probably won't feel a need for the book. Contains the clearest exposition of Ruby's "blocks" and "procs" I've seen. Suitable for novice programmers. Assumes Ruby 1.6.
Ruby User's Guide
Programmers with experience in other languages might want to breeze through this quickie tutorial by Mark Slagell before diving into the Pickaxe. Assumes Ruby 1.8. and following
Experienced programmers will learn a lot from these lessons in "the Pickaxe". Novice programmers should work through other tutorials before picking up the Pickaxe. Assumes Ruby 1.6.
Why's (Poignant) Guide to Ruby
This eccentric tutorial with comic strips starring foxes, an elf, a cat, a mad scientist, and a ghost, is suitable after you've worked your way through some other tutorials. A work in progress, it's missing some necessary code. So, read and enjoy, but don't count on step-by-step lessons. Assumes Ruby 1.8.

Ruby Books

Programming Ruby: The Pragmatic Programmer's Guide
Affectionately know as "the Pickaxe" because of the pickaxe and gemstones on its cover, this is probably the definitive book on Ruby in the English language. The first edition (for Ruby 1.6) can be read online for free, with frames or without frames. The second edition (for Ruby 1.8) is available only for purchase.
Learn To Program
Expanded version of Chris Pine's online tutorial (see above). Yo! padded with funky language! The book has no index, thus making it not much of a reference.
Data Structures and Algorithms With Object-Oriented Design Patterns in Ruby
Online book by Bruno Preiss suitable for a college course in computer science. Contains a lot of very serious math. Assumes you already know how to program in Ruby.
Best of Ruby Quiz
Chock full of several puzzle and game algorithms in Ruby. Assumes you are already very adept at programming in Ruby. Assumes Ruby 1.8.

Wikis & Groups

Online discussion group. Ask your Ruby questions here.
RubyGarden Wiki
Over 2000 pages of information by and for Ruby programmers. You might even find a local Ruby users group in your area.
Ruby at the C2 Wiki
A wiki with over 30,000 pages related to computer programming, not just in Ruby. Be sure to click the "Ruby Language" title at the top of the page and the "Category Ruby" link at the bottom of the page for more material about Ruby.
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