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   Many club members have some special Volvo tools which they don't mind lending out to other chapter members. Please drop Herman or Mark an e-mail to list any tools that you may have for the Tool Crib.

   Also list any special skills or facilities which you can share with other members. Let's work together to vitalize our club!

click here to submit a tool offering.

  The ultimate work area for those club members without access to a roof and cement floor!  A garage with heat... heck, even a few tools on the side. Beer is extra.
  Contact Mark Williams
  240 Fuel Tank Bung Plug Wrench, see photo  Mark Williams
  Positive pressure, brake bleeding reservoir cap with nipple.
    A real time saver, use with bike pump. (for 120 - 850 ATE brake reservoirs) Herman Wiegman
  B-18/20 Timing Gear Socket (1 7/16" (~36mm), 1/2 drive), Herman Wiegman
  B-18/20 Pulley Nut Socket (27mm??, 1/2 drive), Herman Wiegman
  Car Tow Dolley w/ hand winch, Mark Williams
  Ford F-350 tow truck with wheel lift (coming soon), Mark Williams
  Electric impact wrench 120v, Mark Williams
  Air Tools (impact, air hammer, drill, sander, grinder), Herman Wiegman see photo 
  3 ton floor jack and various jack stands, Herman Wiegman
  Clutch alignment tools; 10 spline(B-16/18/20) and 24 spline (B-21/23/230), Herman Wiegman
  Engine Hoist, Somebody
  Spring Compressor, Somebody