The International Guest House is an excellent home away from home and is an inexpensive place to stay while you are in DC. The International Guest House is clean, in a safe neighborhood, and nestled away from the hustle and bustle of the city. IGH is located 4 1/2 miles north of the White House, 3 houses from the 16th Street bus stop. The three story house is attractively remodeled.

The staff provides a friendly, warm, and homelike atmosphere. As many as ten different nations have been represented here at one time. Over twenty-five percent of the guests return for a second visit. Chatting with folks around the globe at breakfast and evening tea is a highlight for many who stay here.

The International Guest House provides wireless internet, a small kitchenette, a snack bar, a social recreation room, a free breakfast and tea/cookie time. Persons from all countries, cultures, and backgrounds are welcome.

Priority for the staff is to offer a clean, safe, warm, and inviting environment. IGH has knowledgeable staff that can give information about sightseeing, the bus system, travel arrangements, and other items of interest in the DC area.

IGH is a Bed and Breakfast facility with shared rooms and bathrooms. It is a non-profit house maintained by the Mennonites of the Allegheny Conference. For information about the Mennonites, visit

Experience hospitality at IGH.