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Homeschooling Resource Books and Publications

Books (by Author):

  • Ballmann, Ray

    The How and Why of Homeschooling
    ...takes a strong position in favor of home education and provides many helpful guidelines

  • Colfaxe, David and Micki

    Homeschooling for Excellence
    ...parents of three Harvard students speak from their own experiences and past successes

  • Farris, Michael P.

    Home Schooling and the Law

  • Guterson, David

    Family Matters: Why Homeschooling Makes Sense

  • Holt, John

    Teach Your Own
    How Children Learn
    How Children Fail
    Learning All the Time of the pioneer homeschooling advocates

  • Mason, Charlotte

    The Original Home Schooling Series (six volumes)

  • Moore, Raymond and Dorothy

    Home Grown Kids
    Home Style Teaching
    Home Spun Schools
    Home School Burnout
    ...these four books provide interesting readable introductions to home education

  • Pride, Mary

    The Big Book of Home Learning (volumes 1 thru 4)
    ...evaluation and description of hundreds of publications, curriculum, etc.; many addresses provided; excellent homeschooling resource

  • Richman, Howard and Susan

    The Three R's at Home
    Writing from Home
    ...(see PESHA links page for 'PA Homeschoolers')

  • Shackelford, Luanne and White, Susan

    A Survivor's Guide to Homeschooling some practical guidelines for the homeschooing household with humor and insight; written by two moms

Newsletters and Magazines:

  • Newsletters

    Pennsylvania Homeschoolers; edited by Howard and Susan Richman; a statewide newsletter published four times a year; (see PESHA links page)

    Pennsylvania Home Education Network (PHEN);
    promoting freedom and simplicity in home education;
    285 Allegheny Street, Meadville, PA 16335;
    phone# 412-561-5288; email:

  • Magazines

    Home Education Magazine; P.O. Box 1083, Tonasket, WA 98855;
    phone# 509-486-1351

    Practical Homeschooling; published by Home Life, Inc.;
    (Mary Pride); P.O. Box 1190, Fenton, MO 63026;
    phone# 1-800-346-6322

    The Teaching Home; P.O. Box 20219, Portland, OR 97294;
    phone# 503-253-9633

    Homeschooling Today
    P.O. Box 1608, Fort Collins, CO 80522
    phone# 281-492-6050

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