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  Helps - Teaching Materials

Common Teaching Approaches
and Related Resources

Traditional Teaching and Materials:

  • The Textbook Approach

      ABeka Books (1-800-874-2352)
      Alpha Omega Publications (1-800-622-3070)
      Bob Jones University Press (1-800-845-5731)
      Christian Book Distributors (1-978-977-5005)
      God's World Book Club (1-800-951-2665)
      Learning At Home (1-808-328-9669)
      Sycamore Tree Catalog (1-714-650-4466)
      The Elijah Company (615-456-6284)
      The Home School Catalog (1-800-788-1221)
      The Timberdoodle (206-426-0672)

Non-Traditional Teaching and Materials:

  • The Classical Approach

      Teaching the Trivium - a magazine of classical Christian education; contact Trivium Pursuit, R.R. 2 Box 169, New Boston, IL 61272
      Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning - a book by Douglas Wilson; includes the full text of Dorothy Sayers' essay as well as tells about how a private Christian school adapted the Classical Approach with great success

  • The Principle Approach

     A Guide to American Christian Education for the Home and School: The Principle Approach - a book by James B. Rose; the philosophy of this approach explained within all subject areas

  • The Living Books and Life Experiences Approach

     Parents Review Magazine - articles written by parents using this approach; contact Charlotte Mason Research Institute, P.O. Box 172, Stanton, NJ 08885
      The Original Home Schooling Series - six books of Charlotte Mason's writings (Note: members of PESHA can check these out from our Lending Library)

  • The Unit Study Approach

      Home Schooling Today Magazine - features unit sudies activities; contact S Squared Productions, P.O. Box 1425, Melrose, FL 32666
      How to Create Your Own Unit Study - by Valerie Bendt; help in developing your own unit studies
     Konos Curriculum - premade unit study curriculum
     Weaver Currculum - premade unit study currculum

  • The Unschooling Approach

     Growing Without Schooling Magazine - John Holt founded the group that publishes this magazine; many other resources available from this organization; contact Holt Associates, 2269 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MA 02140 (Note: members of PESHA may still find some old issues of this mag' in the Lending Library)

  • Delayed Academics Approach

     Home Grown Kids; and also Better Late Than Early - both by Raymond and Dorothy Moore; classic books by pioneers in the field of homeschooling (Note: members of PESHA can check these out from the Lending Library)
     The Moore Report International - magazine published by the Moores; contact The Moore Report International, Box 1, Camas, WA 98607

  • Learning Styles Approach

     Every Child Can Succeed; and also The Way They Learn - both by Cynthia Ulrich Tobias; both books help parents to identify their child's learing styles and assist parents in tailoring everyday tasks to each child's strengths
     The Christian Home Educator's Curriculum Manual - by Cathy Duffy; recommends specific teaching materials suited to different types of learners
     Learning Styles and Tools - book by Robin Scarlata; discusses the different learning styles in average parental language... not so much "educationese"
     In Their Own Way - book by Thomas Armstrong; heard about the seven different intelligences?; this is one of many books now out on this subject

  • Computer-As-Teacher Approach

     The Homeschooler's Computer Guide - by Dan and Tammy Kihistadius; nifty catalog with interesting articles, advice, software, and supplies; contact P.O. Box 385377, Bloomington, MN 55438;
    phone# 612-844-0462

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