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Any station verified by QRZ call book who has something to add please send email to me and I'll add your comments with the date  to this page..use this link for my email address: Click Here to see Jim's WA2VOS Email Address We'll let this page be a little forum for things we wish to get our our collectives chests.

Any ideas for MixW improvements??? Send me email and I will post it for you right here for all to see...just as long as your comments are clean and not insulting to anybody else I will be happy to post them on this blog.. Best 73  and thanks for coming aboard.. Jim, WA2VOS MixW Software USA

Two New MixW Versions

December 29, 2010
After many months of testing and trying out new ideas we have come out with two brand new versions of MixW which are version 2.20 and 3.01. Both at this time will fully support Windows, XP, Vista,
Windows 7. both 32 and 64 bit versions. No longer will you need to paste the "Registration Key" into the MixW folder as we have created a "Master Data Base" and now registrations are easy and if you lose your key another one is available to you at all times. MixW version 3.01 represents the future for MixW and eventually will support all major operating systems such as Windows, XP, Vista, Windows 73
MAC, Linux. this means lots and lots of work.  MixW has now set up its' own DX Cluster which is easily accessible by clicking on our Telnet setup. Eventually you will be able to talk, see, send text to individuals via our DX Cluster setup. With both 2.20 and 3.01, you will be able to download directly to your computer new modes, new contest stats and just about anything else that our programmers will dream up. Visit our Changes page to find out what is new in each version.  Best 73 and regards for a Healthy and Happy New Year 2011   Jim, WA2VOS MixW Software USA

PS we are looking for Beta testers with  MACS and Linux and Windows please send me email  at
WA2VOS Email Address or look me up at  Jim, WA2VOS


Who's the Idiot?

Remember the oldie “The Dog Ate  My Homework”??? well the equivalent of that statement I get many times over when stations who were too lazy to make a backup copy of the registration key which turns off the ticking clock in the MixW Download and registers the program. Computers are never to be trusted. I trust my computer as far as I can toss a nine foot concert grand piano.  That’s not too far if the word far really is an appropriate word for this.  Today I received a request from a fellow HAM who lost all his important files including the registration key.  Seems he “Made” a “Backup” CD with a zipped file which allegedly contained his registration key. When he attempted to open the zipped file.  Lo and behold the file was empty.

Who is the idiot? What nonsense!  Never the less,  I sent this poor soul a replacement registration key along with some instructions as to which files should be backed up! I never asked him to pay five bucks for the key and I felt that a little criticism is in order because he overlooked the first rule in running computers.  BACK IT UP!!! especially files that allow free updates which we at MixW have cheerfully given to all of our users since we started way back in 1999! Does that give the station the right to call me an “Idiot”? When I even told him what files to back up and what they did . I won’t mention his name or callsign as I don’t wish the station to be embarrassed but I work hard to help my fellow HAMS and I spend a lot of time trying to get a fellow started and even have written mini-manuals  with full illustrations on files that I felt were a bit difficult for the average ham to understand and setup.

 1.               mixwreg1.dll or mixwreg1.dat or both if that is what you have..this is your registration key resides in your c:\program files\mixw folder

2.                 mixw2.ini your settings file (If your MixW become damaged this file will restore the program like new paste into MixW folder)

3.                mixmacros.ini your macro files (This file is your set of Macros)

4.                mixw2.log your precious log file this file tends to be very large if you're active (This is your log book)

This is the message at the bottom of the list of files to be backed up.. It is sent to all who require replacement keys which were either lost or the "Dog Ate Them Up" There is never a request for payment just a warning.

04 /06\09
Having Trouble Downloading files off the Internet?
I've been getting complaints that when downloading files from our website either Nick's or mine that you get a notice that the file is corrupted and the download is aborted. This is not due to the fact that our files are corrupted but that you are using some unzipping program that is NOT compatible with WinZip which is the standard for "Zipping" files! You need to go to the WinZip website and download WinZip and install in your computer and you will not have any further problems downloading our files from either my site or Nick's site.. Best 73  and happy warbling  Jim, WA2VOS MixW Software USA


Return from Dayton:

L-R Yuri VE3DZ North American Distributor of RigExpert, Jim, WA2VOS MixW Distributor, Sergie, UX1UA RigExpert Ukraine, Denis, UU9JDR Engineer, Programmer Ukraine


Nick, UT2UZ who was taking the picture  was busy photographing everything in his path including the MixW/RigExpert team. We introduced the RigExpert Antenna Analyzer which comes in two models the  AA200 which covers .1Mhz to 200 Mhz for HF and vhf modes..the AA500 covers from 5Mhz to 500 Mhz for Vhf and UHF modes. Both are commerical grade. We have some new products planned for the future which I'll be happy to announce on the website but for the present time our product line is MixW Software and in the Hardware department we have the RigExpert 200 and 400 Antenna Analyzer, RigExpert interfaces which would be the RigExpert Tiny, the RigExpert Standard andthe RigExpert Plus. Plus all the cables to fit each and anyone of the rigs currently available. To demonstrate the Antenna Analyzer Denis asked me to loan the group my two meter Larson Mobile Antenna from my car. I brought it into the arena and as soon as it was attached to the Antenna Analyzer reported big problems!!! It seems that the braid inside of the "Mag-Mount" was broken and the Antenna Analyzer sure did its' job! I walked around the corner from our booth with Denis and bought another "Mag-Mount" attached the antenna to it and the whole works to the Analyzer and it reported perfect SWR no further problems. Now I know why the rig was locking up in Transmit.. RF Feedback from the broken braid!!   Dayton was an experience and sure saw lots of new goodies but for the most part, I stayed put at the booth helping Yuri and and demonstrating our RigExpert interfaces and the Antenna Analyzers for those who stopped by and asked questions.   Best 73  Jim, WA2VOS



To those poor folks who are suffering with Windows Vista there exists hope now..for additional information on how to use Virtual PC and run XPPRO along with Vista, Visit Microsoft’s Website:
From the above URL you can access the download of the actual program (30 megabytes) And until Microsoft gets its’ act together.. you can run any program that will run on XP… after downloading a short file about 860 KBs you can scroll and look hard at the bottom of the page click the download hot spot.. Best 73 Jim, WA2VOS MixW Software USA
Virtual PC Saves the Day I could not believe how timely your Solutions piece "Windows in a Window" (Feb¬ruary, page 91) was. I had just purchased a new Vista computer to replace my aging one, which used Windows XP. It turned out that I had several programs that would not install or run properly in Vista. I considered trying to install a dual-boot system, but I was hesitant because I am not very computer-savvy. But after reading "Windows in a Window" I had another program fail to install in Vista, which prompted me to try downloading and installing Microsoft Virtual PC.
Much to my amazement, everything went well, and I now have an XP machine installed on my computer side by side with the Vista machine. It is pretty handy being able to run both operating systems simultaneously, as well as being able to access my data folders and files from either machine via the shared files program. Thanks so much for your very timely article. I other¬wise never would have known about this capability—Robert Hollingsworth

Thanks for your patience...I sure needed that bit of rest...As usual the ship (Celebrity's Constellation) was terrific, the crew and staff were great...very friendly all times and extremely helpful when needed. We traveled North ending  as far as Quebec city and then the captain turn the ship about when we left and we sailed up the Saguaney  River to see the Beluga whales.. Very interesting.. We were unable to dock at Charlottetown Prince Edward Island due to very high winds exceeding 40 knots.  The harbor master advised our captain not to attempt to dock at Charlottetown and although we had a good friend waiting for us safety of the ship was more important so we sailed directly to Portland Maine.  While at Quebec City I took a chance and attempted to shoot a "Panoramic" picture of the city standing up on Deck 11 and standing as still as I could took three shots and to my amazement and joy the result was a beautiful Panorama of Quebec city in all its' glory.  I wish to again thank all of you for your patience and indulgence and I know by now that all of you are  up to date with your downloads and registrations and some of my assistance.. See the Panorama of Quebec city below:

Digital Photo of Quebec City by Jim Jaffe
To see photo full size click on the picture!!

Problems with MT63 and the fix:
Problem description - My new laptop cannot transmit MT-63 text properly. I have tried both using the internal sound and RigBlaster and RigExpert
Answer by Denis UU9JDR Programmer on the MixW Team:    
since other digital modes are OK, and MT63 is not, the problem is most likely in the TX samplerate error. This is a Windows bug. It can
be checked with CheckSR.exe program (including in MixW package) or by transmitting something in SSTV mode. The CheckSR.exe is written just for
this case! 99% that the problem will disappear if the samplerate is changed to 12000 or even 11026 (instead of 11025).

Well I have to admit that PayPal has been just fine.. I can't understand why I waited so long and did all I could to avoid providing this service to the potential users of MixW Software.. Sure happy that I made the move.. Bought me a new computer last week.. spent four days setting it up.. I had a Pentium IV it was a 1.5 GHZ machine with a ful Gig of Ram but sort of short in Disk Space with only 30 Gigabytes of Hard Drive.. now I've got a 250 Gigabyte Drive 2 Gigs of Ram a real high speed Video card and plus Creative labs XFI Xtreme Audio card.. since I do Beta Testing of MixW Software I felt I had best have a discrete soundcard on board rather than the soundcard on the motherboard..Even though the mother board is a genuine Intel Board rather use the discrete card.. so for four days and some nights as well I worked getting all the goodies into the new computer and getting it on line with my "Wireless Router". Will be moving the Penium IV down to my basement where my Ham Station is and eventually setting that one up to replace the old Pentium III 733 Mhz machine.. low on RAM but it served me well for all of these years. Will be giving that one to my Grand daughter and her husband who is now into the computer business and loves to "Monkey" around with discarded computers that have been retired..

Gee whiz.. been a long time since I put something into this Blog.. just goes to show you how lazy or busy I am.. Actually I've capitulated and given in to those who want the ease of sending monies to me via PayPal.. Spent all Saturday Night programming the registration page so that there are three option.. 1. for the $50.00 registration key by email attachment which is my favorite and the least expensive, 2. A custom burned CD with all the goodies I can cram on it and an automatic self installing file to Register the program plus all sorts of goodies..for $70.00 bucks which is    $20.00 for the CD and $50.00 for the Registration key. that's for Domestic use for All stations who are in USA and its' possessions..  Last but not least a custom burned cd same as the other for Foreign stations at $74.00 $50.00 for the registration (NO VAT ADDED or Charged) and $24.00 for the which includes the postage to their home address no matter where in the world it will mailed to. I notice more and more stations in Europe running Olivia mode and my absolute favorite mode which is Contestia. So far this site is the on site where one can download both Olivia and Contestia modes.. I notice that even uder terrible conditions Contestia came through like a champ. Well that's all for now and if any station wishing to add to this Blog you're invited to send me your text via email and I will be happy to post it up here for you and the rest of the world to see...nothing offensive but anything that you deem of value.. please feel free to send your coments or complaints to me.. 73   Jim, WA2VOS MixW Software USA

LINUX OS users can now use the "State of the art Software"  MixW will run with no problems on LINUX OS systems as long as WINE is used with the LINUX. According to our programmer Nick Fedoseev UT2UZ MixW has been used with LINUS/WINE since version 2.06.

Want to add some Pazzazz to your CW ID??? Use it for a CW Sign off??? here's what you do...Go to personal data and you can enter any string you wish into the CW area and it will transmit for EXAMPLE:  W2XYZ de WA2VOS best 73 to U es URS +*EE. The Personal data CW area uses the same codes as you would use in normal CW mode for example the Slurred AR is transmitted by the character + and the Slurred SK is transmitted by the character @. In the CW module if you wish to send the slurred AS (wait) enter the & character. You can send the dash by entering the = character and the Slurred KN by entering the ( character.. anyone of those characters will wok in the Personal Data CW ID area.. or in the CW  MixW module.. Just remember that you need to delete the other station's callsign after you send that fancy CW   73...   Good luck and enjoy.. Jim, WA2VOS

Some helpful hints on getting out of trouble and also avoiding trouble with MixW...for example if you're having problems with MixW going crazy with you .. it could be a corrupted mixw2.ini file. Solution:  Go to c:\program files\mixw and delete the mixw2.ini file. Reboot MixW and when doing do MixW will create a brand new pristine mixw2.ini file. Downside is that you will have to reconfigure MixW again but this time MixW will behave like a brand new installation. If you're satisfied with the way your MixW is running, make a backup copy of this file and save for a rainy day when you might have another problem and all you need do is copy the file and paste it into your mixw folder allow the file to overwrite the exisiting file and mixw will be back to a trouble free operating condition. Speaking of making backup copies.. Any guy familiar with computers knows that you can trust a computer's hard drive as far as one can toss an elephant with one hand.. Here are the file you should make backup copies of:

  1. mixwreg1.dll or mixwreg1.dat or both if that is what you have..this is your registration key resides in your c:\program files\mixw folder

  2. mixw2.ini your settings file

  3. mixmacros.ini your macro files

  4. mixw2.log your precious log file this file tends to be very large if you're active

Some stations complain that they cannot "SEE" the dll or ini files or for that matter any of the file endings..The reason for this is that Bill Gates of Microsoft consider you his customers not smart enough to see the file endings.. Solution: Click my computer: at the top of the screen notice a menu titled Tools click that one and you will get another menu click on Folder Options and there you will see some tabs select View click it and a dialog box will then open scroll down to Hidden files and folder select Show Hidden Files and Folders then uncheck Hide extensions for known file types click okay at the bottom and you will then see All files and Extensions I can guaranty NO Harm will come to your computer.
If you have any questions you're free to  email me and fire away.. Have any suggestions send me email and I'll post them here and also forward them to Nick UT2UZ our Programmer best 73  hope this will help you out a bit.. Jim, WA2VOS

MixW's hidden features..
Pause key.. is MixW's TX/RX toggle hit it once you're in Transmit a 2nd time you're back in receive...
If you like to sign off with His call your call and 73 AR SK in Morse code.. in any mode except SSTV and SSB.. here's what you do.. for example any character you place in the CW ID Line in Personal data will be transmitted did you know that?? Well now you do.. so to send out a Authentic Morse 73 here's the character string.. His call Your call 73 de Your Call +* ee   now what do those characters mean?? the Plus sign (+) is the Slurred AR and the Ampersand (&) is the Slurred SK the two letter E's are the Dit Dit so here's my string note the space or two between the other guys call and mine:  K2XYZ  de WA2VOS 73 +&ee  just remember to delete the other station's call before entering a new one.. I usually enter that call when I start the QSO..

Reading today paper and also listening to "Talk" radio  lots of chit chat over Ken Jennings so called joking about Jeopardy and Alex Trebek...Called him a Robot and really knocked Jeopardy very badly.. Think Ken is not such a sweet kid after all and should really stick to his Morman teaching and if he can't say something nice.. KEEP HIS MOUTH SHUT.. but the cat's out of the bag and he's just about shot himself in his left foot.

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