The MixW Story

 It started sometime last April of 1999 when I first met Nick, UT2UZ.  I was running PSK31sbw, Peter's 'Plain Vanilla" PSK program.. Let me back up a bit and say that I was turned on to PSK by my good friend Griff NB6Z sometime last December of 1998. I immediately took to PSK the same as a "ducks takes to water"! I really enjoyed this new mode but absolutely detested the software. I have been active on the "Digital" modes since 1976 when I took up RTTY just as a lark and have been going at it ever since.

I've been involved with the development of XPWIN by being one of the major beta testers for Gary Johnson KF7XP. Just recently I assisted in a major overhaul of XPLOGWIN by Larry Winslow, W0NFU. Well getting back to the last April of 1999 when I first met Nick, UT2UZ, I was running PSK31sbw and simultaneously I was also running Word pad with a text file so that I could in some way type into that text editor and still be able to read the incoming text that was appearing on my screen in Peter's program. It was difficult to say the least and very cumbersome. I had before that meeting with Nick canvassed every single programmer I knew trying my best to get one of them to take up the challenge of writing a "Commercial American Style" program. 

PSK was wonderful but the software available was in one word, "HORRIBLE". It seemed that Peter wanted to maintain the spontaneity of the PSK QSO by  writing a program without a "Type ahead" buffer. Every single programmer with the exception of Gary Johnson, KF7XP turned the project down. Gary agreed to add a PSK module to the his popular XPWIN software but in the end he was unable to get any cooperation from Peter and at this writing, the project died.
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By luck or what have you I met Nick, UT2UZ one evening and one thing led to another and I found that I had an attachment with a program called MixW in my mail box. I immediately saw that this program had some great potential and Nick seemed to be willing to let me suggest changes and modifications to his program and the result was that we now have MixW software that does it all in PSK and does it all as the "World's Best" PSK program available. Nick&Tanya1.jpg (12064 bytes)

Nick works for a Programming company called TAVEX and lives in Kiev in the Ukraine, He by some sheer coincidence is a program and one who's output defies description and boggles one's imagination! He's married and has a UT1UA(left) and UT4UF.jpg (40117 bytes)Pussy-Cat called "Lyosha" an 18 year old daughter by the name of Sasha and his beautiful wife Tanya. They both  work for the same company, Tanya being the Webmaster for TAVEX and Nick being one of the Programmers and product developers. I can honestly say that Nick, UT2UZ is one of the most prolific programmers I've ever met. He has managed to come up with massive improvements and new versions of MixW almost daily. I truly believe that today there are no programs that are equal of the current version of MixW! tanya.jpg (11836 bytes)

From Nick's "Rasputin" style of hair cut and beard I don't think denis.jpg (6595 bytes) the Ukrainian barbers make much money from his patronage. Nick also sent me a scanned photograph of his "Elmer", UT4UF and UT1UA  who are  friends of Nick and coincidentally both are named Victor. Victor, UT4UF was Nick's mentor and greatly assisted Nick on becoming the Ham he is today. The latest addition to the programming team is Denis, UU9JDR. 73 de Jim, WA2VOS.


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