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  To Register MixW please follow instructions below (Read Entire Page)


NOTICE: MixW is registered to your CALLSIGN and unless you include your
CALLSIGN in the email from PayPal,  I CANNOT register your MixW Software

Click here for Email Address   Scroll down the page for  PayPal Instructions


Registering MixW 2.20 is  very easy. For US Stations simply send Check Cash or Money order in the amount of $50.00 to: Jim Jaffe, WA2VOS (Make checks or Money Orders Payable to Jim Jaffe) 141-08 71 Road Flushing, NY 11367-1945. I will send you via EMAIL a special  registration file which will both register and stop the timer in the downloaded program.
Please fill out form and either email to me or send via US Postal Mail

Click here to Download a  Registration application form that will be allow you fill in and print out on your computer.
Requires Acrobat Reader which is a FREE DOWNLOAD and is FREEWARE CLICK THIS URL:
Adobe Reader - FREE DOWNLOAD


          CD Information

A CD can be ordered for an additional fee of $20.00  for U.S. Stations Post Paid
Overseas Stations can order a CD for an additional fee of
$24.00 U.S. funds Post Paid
Contents of the CD:
1. MixW2.20Mixw installation file
2. Your Callsign Self Installing file (Registration key)
3. History.txt (What is new in this version)
4. Olivia Report Macro.txt The report macros
5.  MixW Manual.PDF a PDF file you can print out the full manual or individual pages (Requires Acrobat Reader (Freeware)
6.  Logbar.pdf instructions how to setup extended log bar
7., an External Callbook file Looks up callsign within MixW (Unzip to MixW folder)
8. Weblookup.pdf External callbook manual

                                                                                       Official PayPal Seal

PayPal Instructions

MixW is Registered to your Callsign and if you are not a Licensed Amateur then I will
issue a Unique group of characters which I will give you so you can enter that in the Personal data!
PLEASE include your Name, Address and your Amateur Callsign when using PayPal  as
I need that information to register your MixW program
and when entering your name
please enter your callsign after your name!
For Example: Jim Jaffe, WA2VOS
Since MixW Supports 2 callsigns either a foreign/MARS or a member of your immediate house-
hold residing at the SAME address as yours, include the 2nd call ie:
Jim Jaffe, WA2VOS/NNN0ICI    
You can also add your callsign when giving your address! For Example:
Jim Jaffe, WA2VOS/NNN0ICI if you forget to do that it means lots of extra work looking up your callsign and if you have either a MARS or Foreign call that I cannot look up so to make sure send me email giving me the callsign and if you have a 2nd call that one also... thank you in advance for your cooperation..
If for some reason you need more room
USE the Shipping Instructions you can add your Callsign and if need be a
2nd call either MARS or Member of your Immediate Family Living at your Home as Listed in QRZ or a Foreign Call.

Jim, WA2VOS MixW Software USA
14108 71 Road
Flushing NY 11367-1945

Display Jim's Email address

                                    MixW 2.XX Only

 Registration via email attachment  $50.00 US Funds  ALL Stations


Custom Burned CD $70.00 US Funds Post Paid to your Home with Self installing Registration key , Help files and the current version of MixW  US Stations and its' Possession ONLY


Custom Burned CD $74.00 US Funds Post Paid to your Home with Self Installing Registration key, Help files and the current version of MixW  For Foreiegn Stations ONLY

MixW 3.xx Only

Upgrade from MixW 2.xx to MixW 3.01  for previously registered users of MixW $20
Full registration 3.01 for new users of MixW Software $70.00 via email
Custom Burned CD $90.00 US Funds Post Paid to your Home  with Self Installing Registration key, Help files and the current version of MixW US Stations and its' Possession ONLY
Custom Burned CD $94.00 US Funds Post Paid to your Home  with Self Installing Registration key, Help files and the current version of MixW For Foreiegn Stations ONLY

For those stations who do not wish to use PayPal or Credit Cards

Registration Form

Print and cutout  form below
(Please be sure to
PRINT Carefully and Include your EMAIL address. If possible use your computer to print out the information.) If I cannot read the writing I will not be able to register your software! Please use your computer to print out your information!

MixW now supports two (2) callsigns either a member of the same household holding Valid Amateur license at SAME address or a User with an Auxiliary  MARS Callsign 
Simply add the 2nd callsign to the information below. NOTE: if 2nd callsign is an Amateur Callsign, Both addresses  must be the SAME as listed in the "Callbook"

Mail this form to:
Jim Jaffe, WA2VOS,
14108 71 Road
Flushing, NY 11367


Primary Callsign________________MARS/2nd Family Callsign____________________

E-Mail _________________________________________

Address:_______________________________________________________________Zip Code_______________

Amount enclosed $____________________

Overseas orders:

If other than USA, International Money order or US bank operating in your country for $50.00 (US funds only) Made Payable to Jim Jaffe If your bank has NO US counterpart or affiliation here in the US, I cannot cash the check! "Note: International Customers, I have been having great difficulty cashing European Bank Checks. Seems that US  banks wish to CHARGE a Collection fee plus other complications. Best idea is to send carefully wrapped US Dollars! So far with this method no money has been lost and this speeds up the entire registration process"

Do you need any help? have any questions that need to be answered??? 
Have Questions about the new Version of MixW ?

Click Here to see Jim's WA2VOS Email Address

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