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"During Construction"

Here is the area after demolition of the old screen room and with the frame work for the added slab, including stub-ups for electrical & water lines (the exercise bike is now gone). 


Here is the floor after the acid staining was completed.  Kathy came up with the idea of putting an "EGG" in the center of the room and the contractor did a pretty good job of sketching it in there.


I installed the cabinetry today (5/13).  The counter-top people will be out on Monday (5/15) to do the template for the counter-tops which will be "Silestone" (color -- Tea Leaf).  From left to right you have a 24" cabinet with shelving only, next is a 24" cabinet with a 6" deep drawer at the top, next is the platform for the two large eggs, then another 24" cabinet with a 6" drawer and then another 24" cabinet with shelving only.  The 36" cabinet at far right is where the sink will go and have a tankless waterheater in the base.
The electrician will be out on Monday also to run the electrial stuff.  Then the plumbing will be done once the countertops are installed (about 2 weeks probably).


This is with the added slab (including stub-ups) and the frame work for the new screening.  The screen has not been installed on two walls to allow access to the back side of the cabinetry that will be installed shortly.


The counter top FINALLY got installed today!!!!  These three shots are of (from top to bottom):  The left section of the setup, next the right section and then the sink.  The plumber and electrican will be back on Monday (6/12) to complete their work and then the screen installed.  After that all that will be left will be for me to move the eggs and accessories.  Unfortunately I will be out of town from 6/15 thru 6/18 so I won't be able to fully enjoy it until the following weekend.