Delaware's Coastal Defenses:
Fort Saulsbury and A Mighty Fort Called Miles

Delaware's Coastal Defenses:
Fort Saulsbury and A Mighty Fort Called Miles.

To the officers and men of the Regular army, National Guard, Coast Guard, Navy and Reserve units, who served at Fort Miles and Fort Saulsbury in defense of the United States against attack in war and peace.
"A task well done is its own reward"

Fort Miles
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Fort Miles added to National Register of Historic Places

                     IN THE BEGINNING...
38deg 46'45" NORTH,75deg 05'30" WEST marks the location of the once mighty Fort Miles on Cape Henlopen, a sandy point of land where the Atlantic Ocean and DE Bay meet. Construction began on Fort Miles in 1941 as the drum beat of war was raging in Europe. The 12-inch guns, now obsolete at Fort Saulsbury, were transferred to Fort Miles in 1942 to counter any threat from German U-boats, which could have wreaked havoc on the northern oil refineries and chemical plants on the Delaware river...

The onset of war in the Atlantic found harbor defenses of the Delaware in deplorable condition. Spanish American War era fortifications at Fort Delaware, Fort Mott, and Fort DuPont were all that stood between an aggressor and the industries of the Delaware Valley. Further down river, slightly more modern Fort Saulsbury brushed the dust off their weapons and prepared for a fight. As the new defensive line was drawn in the sand at Cape Henlopen, these forts began to close or to serve rear echelon functions.

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This is the story of the acquisition and building of a little-known fort on the Delaware Bay.

 This is a true account of the beginning and end of a mighty fort during two World Wars. It is, in addition, about the Mispillion area where the fort was built. The characters all lived and their actual names are used.
Fort Saulsbury was armed with four 12-inch sea coast guns capable of lobbing shells 12 miles into the Delaware Bay...

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