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Chris Redlich


Collector's email address




I specialize in :


I specialize in R&B, Soul, Popcorn, Obscure


A little information on what you collect


A little information on what you collect 


I only collect 45's. My style is more R&B/Soul and Popcorn. A touch of Latin Soul and Beat/Garage.





Collector's email address  gregdebbie@verizon.net


I specialize in :  Rock,Soundtracks,60s,70s,Psych, ELVIS 60s Harum Scarum Mono,Beatles not to many PROMOS 


A little information on what you collect  


Beatles a few sealed,basic rock, Psych,surf, about 4000 LPS,a little of everything, about 500 45s 

http://www.lorlor.gemm.com/   but I can deal just rock it in the morning I also have 2 u tube videos one is of our dog     Suziq 1231        go to the videos its my own music one is called The Alien and the other is Other Worlds so no one goes there and I would like a little feedback. Today I played DEEP PURPLE LIVE IN JAPAN so you get the idea ROCK ON I hope everyone here gets going because its not good out here not working etc. just wondering Lets Work Together got it canned heat on 45   ROCK ON



Roger Gene


Collector's email address  rogergene@comcast.net


I specialize in :  I specialize in 40's & 50's records 


A little information on what you collect  


45 & 33&1/3 rpm  vinyl, particular emphasis on 1945 -1955 popular music, ie Bermuda-Bell Sisters, It's in the Book, Playmate, Lover-Peggy Lee, No Not Much, etc


 suzy q

Collector's email address  sduke@twcny.rr.com


I specialize in :  45 rpm records


A little information on what you collect  

old old country, rock n roll from the 50 60 and some from the 70 '  



 John Berg 

Collector's email address  JohnTBerg@msn.com


I specialize in :  


psych, beat, pop, soul, blues


A little information on what you collect  


Way too much! Lonnie Mack, Robert Ward, Otis Rush, Van Morrison/Them, Northwest '60s bands, Captain Beefheart, Moby Grape, Frumious Bandersnatch, Mighty Baby, Steamhammer, Genghis Kyle, Ralph Trotto, Ron Buford and tons of other artists. 



Jeff in Texas 

Collector's email address  jmbcats@comcast.net


I specialize in :  45 rpm records from 1954--1966 

A little information on what you collect  



A little bit of every kind of music between the dates of 1954 and 1966. 




Collector's email address  comet.bob@hotmail.com




A little information on what you collect  





     Jerry B. in Tennessee 

Collector's email address  bart@tnaccess.com


I specialize in :  been a collector of vinyl since the mid 1950's. My collection runs from then to 2003..45's rock, pop, r & b and country.


A little information on what you collect   Come to that point in life when it's time to start thinning out the collection. I might be of help to some of those collectors looking for particular songs and formats. 


  Jackie Sugarlumps


Collector's email address  jackiemaia@hotmail.com


I specialize in : 

I collect 7 inch records- mostly from the sixties and early seventies.

 - Garage (especially punk!) - Pop - Soul (Northern, Motown, R&B) - Reggae (especially ska & rocksteady) - Freakbeat - Krautrock (such as Amon Duul, Kraftwerk, Can, etc.) - Folk (I prefer more obscure psych/acid folk)

 The other unusual thing I specialize in is 7” radio promo spots for horror/sleaze/b-movies from all decades.

 A little information on what you collect  

My current top 10 wants:

 1)      Radio promo spots for “Black Sunday” (the film by Mario Bava)

 2)     “Looking For Boys” by the Pin-Ups on Stork

 3)     “Target Love” b/w “It’s A Montster” by the Apollos (I think the label is Montgomery, the year is 1965)

 4)     “Rum-Bum-A-Loo” by the Message

 5)     “Latter Days” (maybe “Later Days”?) by Mud

 6)     “Jump Jive & Harmonize” by Thee Midnighters

 7)     “Faces” by T.C. Atlantic b/w “Please Don’t Go” on Turtle

 8)     “Swami” by the William Penn Fyve

 9)     “Hot Line Conversation” by Giant Crab b/w “Hi Ho Silver Lining”

 10) “Sold Gold Mountain” by the Tangerine Peel


 Peace, Jackie



Garrie Thompson


Collector's email address  garriethompson@comcast.net


I specialize in :  owner of Hush Records   


A little information on what you collect  sixties 45s



     My handle is Tintin


Collector's email address  mervyntintin@aol.com


I specialize in :  I specialize in up-tempo Doo-wop black teen sounds and rhythm and blues 


A little information on what you collect  I collect sounds in the above circa 1955 -1964 .my passion is for the obscure in these genre's and my favorite record of all time is Rose Mitchells version of Baby please don’t go on the imperial label .I prefer to buy not trade.



    Devin Marin 


Collector's email address  Edwardredefined@aol.com


I specialize in :  I specialize in vacuum tube operated radios, ETC.


A little information on what you collect 

I collect antique radios, wind up or electric phonographs ( 78 RPM only ), reel to reel tapes and players, antique televisions ( don't have any yet ), wind up watches and clocks, Lava Lamps, and antique car radios. I like to fix these up originally and find information on them with the net. I am 17 yrs old and I just love these beautifully built pieces of American history. In fact, I find  just as good entertainment operating these antiques as any other kid would with modern day items. They just don't make things like they used to!!!!              



   Charles T Mitchell


Collector's email address  cmitcharles@aol.com


I specialize in :  I collect ; classic cars ,records ,CDs ,baseball ,basketball, football ,and hockey cards.


A little information on what you collect  


I have FOR SALE;  1500 lps, 500 CDs ,and some 45's. My music consists of soul, jazz, blues, R/B, pop, and more.



      Mike Zahorchak


Collector's email address  mzahorchak@coaxpa.com


I specialize in :  I collect 50's and early 60's Do Wop, R&B, RAB, Soul.


A little information on what you collect  


 I have many records from the 50's and 60's to trade or sell. Primarily original first pressings. 




Collector's email address  phil8trk@optonline.net


I specialize in :  I specialize in classic cars and soul and funk


A little information on what you collect  


     John Newman


Collector's email address jandcnewman@clear.net.nz


I specialize in :  . I'm a very serious collector of Elvis music and collect 16mm feature films.  I also collect prerecorded radio programmes.


A little information on what you collect  


I'm John Newman and I'm 61 and have collected records since I was 5 years old when I got a gramophone. I like pop music of the 50's & 60's.


   Roy Teresi is my name.    Web name is Roy'stop40. 

 Collectors Email  roy_teresi@hotmail.com

I specialize in collecting music from 1890 to present day of the top 40 hits and save them in mp3 format. I'm saving this collection like a book library but music instead. Along with information of the year the song was release and the amount of hit songs the artist's had within the top 40 range. They are not downloadable from my web site. It is a barter and exchange of music for songs that I need to collect with other collector's. The songs are not for sale to anyone, they are for exchange only. 

Your friend in Yucaipa, Ca. Roy Teresi 

Web site address is: 





Collectors email Address Bgaswoodie@aol.com

I collect: The Beach Boys and individual members. Have a good sized wants list, though I'm not looking for CDs, backstage passes or bootlegs. 


Collector's email address snowbird142@comcast.net

I specialize in     country songs

A little information on what you collect       old old songs

  Super Jerry


Collector's email address -- money2byrn@aol.com


I specialize in --

I particularly collected Elvis Presley and just finished making three mostly complete sets of all his 45's - promos -- regular issues and variations and picture sleeves and variations for my three grown children; but I have many 'left over'. I also collect Annette Funicello 45's and albums.


A little information on what you collect --

  I've collected records since I bought my first in 1955. I retired 1-11-06 and have now stopped collecting.


 I am interested in trading and selling most of my 45's (2,000) and albums (1,500) from the 50's and 60's. Send me a want list along with what you want to pay for them and I'll go through my stuff to see if I have any of what you want -- list alphabetically by artist's last name -- PLEASE. Specify if you want a picture sleeve -- I have many empty picture sleeves. I also have a huge collection of regular record company logo sleeves -- specify color or email a photo of company sleeve you want. 


  Albert Van Daele 

Collector's email address: albert.vandaele@fulladsl.be

I specialize in : rock'n roll and beat 

A little information on what you collect: ( on CD) various range from 
50's crooners and rock'n roll to beat 60's - instrumentals - soul & R & B 


 I collect Belgian popcorn, oldies from the '50's & 60's. Especial instrumentals; 

Everybody can mail me at the following address : fintop@gmail.com


     Lou Rizzutto (from Lou's Music Connection)


Collector's email address LMOsgoo3@cs.com


I specialize in :  (Pittsburgh Sound)  (excellent ballads)  (weird & unusual stuff)


   Lynne from Aus. 

Collector's email address: ericlawrence@bigpond.com

I specialize in: 50's - 70's pop and novelty songs - also country music no set time. 

A Little information on what you collect: 

Mainly 50's - 60's pop and novelty songs including Australian, American and English. I have a pretty all-round music collection but don't care for heavy metal and hard rock. I like Johnny Cash, Cliff Richard, Lucille Starr (hard to get here) and many many others. 

     Jean-Charles from France 

E-mail me at jcharles-gautier@wanadoo.fr


 sell, buy, trade, thanks.




Collector's email address  :    hughesbt@ldschurch.org


I specialize in  :  I collect music from the Billboard Top 100 between 1955 - 1984. Please respond, I would like to correspond with others who collect.


 A little information on what you collect : 



You can email me at bmiddaug@netscape.net

Please visit my web site N/A

I specialize in :

  I need the following: (1) Like Bluegrass/Leatherneck 45rpm's.


 Ian Paul 


Collector's email address  :   ianpaul610@hotmail.com


I specialize in  : 


70s/80s small label Soul-45's/12". Also 60's Garage. 

A little information on what you collect : 


Soul 45's/12". Some 60's Garage. 


  Jeff Heads


Collector's email address  :   jeffheads@btinternet.com


I specialize in  : 

please contact me with anything to sell,
regular business so can be good for both sides !!


A little information on what you collect : 


private collector, will trade but prefer to buy cash, must be excellent condition discs,
60s and 70s soul, Independent ,obscure labels, Detroit, Chicago, New York, Boston and Southern states.

My name is Jacques Gautreaux and I am looking for records by my father Jackie Gotroe / Jackie Powers. If you have these 45's for sale please email me with condition and cost. I am especially looking for Child's Play/Carolina Moon Decca pink label promo. 

Thanks. jacqlennon@comcast.net




Collector's email address  :   djnudge@fastmail.fm


I specialize in  : Hello Jim, I've been collecting 45s and deejaying for about 25 years. 

A little information on what you collect 


  I like rhythm & blues from the 40s thru 50s & 60s rock n roll, garage, novelty, surf intros & soul up to about 1967. Alongside that I like the 1977-82 independent punk, new wave scene. I blend the most Rockin hits from these periods with my favorite obscure tracks and liven up the party. Interesting ideas, new inspirations and trades appreciated. Top site. Thanks! 





Collector's email address  :   acotrotsos130618@comcast.net


I specialize in  : 


Hello Jim, I have been collecting for 30 years or so. My current interests are picture sleeves and promo 45s and lps from the 60's (mostly rock



A little information on what you collect : 


I specialize in MINT records. I am looking for dj collections and radio station libraries. I can't stop collecting! Thanks, Anthony.





Collector's email address  :   MARYLOU81@peoplepc.com


I specialize in  : My specialty is soul music


A little information on what you collect : 

I collect 45s and lps,60s and 70s are my favorite periods of time.



 Chris Records


Collector's email address  :   charter210@hotmail.com


I specialize in  : 


Northern, Doowop, r&b , nelgium popcorn  


A little information on what you collect : 


I have for sale 15000 records Sam Fletcher on Tollie label, Phil Parry on 

St Clair, Kurt Harris  on Diamond, Jo Jo Petite on Boss, Jerry Naylor 

on Sparton and much more send your want list thanks. Chris





Collector's email address  :   elkpddger@yahoo.com


I specialize in  : country , rock and roll , comedy



A little information on what you collect : 


   A good mix of records ,8-tracks ,45 rpms, 78's, 33's.




 Lennart Fridolfsson


Collector's email address  :   Tudor1237@hotmail.com


I specialize in  : 


years 57-62 rock n roll music Larry Dowd, Joel Lombardie, Jackie Gotroe and others in that style



A little information on what you collect : 


Old cars I own two cars Ford Custom line 1954 this is my Rock A billycar.. As I use  when I go to Rock A billy parties. And I also own a Dodge Lanzer GT 1962




Collector's email address  :   rebl66@aol.com


I specialize in  : 78 RPM records



A little information on what you collect : 




 Ed Redmond


Collector's email address  :   Rockdad724@aol.com


I specialize in  : I specialize in Motown ,R&B ,Soul & Bubbling Under Billboard's Hot 100 50's and 60's


A little information on what you collect : 


I collect just about anything. I've very eclectic tastes.


  Fred Bohn Sr.

You can email me at atticrecords@cs.com

Please visit my web site N/A

I specialize in : 50'S AND 60'S

  Hi! Jim Yes Add Me To The "COLLECTORS CORNER". Fred Bohn Sr. Collect 50'S AND 60'S 45Rpm And 78 Speed. Always buying and interested in all auction lists and set sale lists. Trades welcome! Want lists researched.

  Joseph Summo

You can email me at tonysmash@aol.com

Please visit my web site N/A

I specialize in  : 

collector of original 45rpm records With original labels from the 50's and early 60's (excellent, NM, or Mint condition). I have a want list.

  Bill K.


Collector's email address  : wkorbe@yahoo.com


I specialize in  : 


Pittsburgh Oldies 1960 - 1975  Focus. 

DJ Terry Lee's  "TL Sounds"

Music played at the Pittsburgh Dances (Lodge, Grove, etc.)


A little information on what you collect : 


"Beyond Vinyl" - Digital Quality CDs and  cleaned up / enhanced versions of Pittsburgh Oldies and TL Sounds that were originally released on 45RPMs and LPs and re-released in digital quality. 

 Tom Anderson 

You can email me at ShaDell6667@msn.com

Please visit my web site N/A

I specialize in :

 I specialize in the mid 60s ('65-'67), including Motown, northern, blue-eyed
soul, r&b, garage and pop. A little information on what I collect - I collect artists like the Magnificent Men, the Emperors, Temps, Tops, JB, Sam & Dave and the Righteous Bros. I acquire original issue 45s for display, and listen to my collection on CD, using a mega-changer set to shuffle (random) play mode.

 Fast Eddie


Collector's email address  :   edgrand@nb.net


I specialize in  : OLDIES RECORD 45'S COLLECTION


A little information on what you collect : 






Collector's email address  :   l.kirin@comcast.net

I specialize in  : 


 I specialize in:  late 50's through the 80's,  Mainly 45's 

but I do have many albums.

A little information on what you collect : 


 I've always collected top 40 or pop songs from those years.  

All the songs you would hear on AM radio back when radio was fun 

to listen to.  I was a disc-jockey at one point and was able to collect 

a lot of "promo" 45's that would come into the station.  

We sometimes would get two or three copies of the same song.  

I have numerous picture sleeves.  I began buying 45's with picture 

sleeves in the 70's and got to the point where I would only buy the 

record with a picture sleeve.  So, I have more from the late 70's 

and 80's than I do from the 60's.   Of course, I like anything from 

the Beatles.  I have several original 45's and only four original 

LP's from the fab four.  I was nine years old when they hit America 

and I wasn't able to buy as much as I should have.

  Geert The Netherlands

 You can email me at  g.hof@home.nl

Please visit my web site N/A

I specialize in  : 

I'm a collector in 50's vinyl only singles and EP's from the following artists: Buddy Holly, Elvis Presley, Ritchie Valens, Jerry Lee Lewis, Eddie Cochran, Cliff Richard, Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Bill Haley.

 If you have something for sell or trade please e-mail to: g.hof@home.nl



Collector's email address  4-EverlYYours@wxsw.nl


I specialize in :  50,s to 80,s vinyl


A little information on what you collect


 I am a die hard fan and collector of : THE EVERLY BROTHERS - MARIANNE FAITHFULL - VAN DYKE PARKS and NINA HAGEN


Collector's email address  


I specialize in : 


A little information on what you collect  



Collector's email address  


I specialize in : 


A little information on what you collect  


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