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Published Fiction

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Story titles will direct you to publications

The Rip Off Micro Horror

The Strapping Kind The Short Humor Site

The Curse Micro Horror

My Ol’ Man Shine, The Journal

The Lime of Symmetry Micro Horror 

Twilight Inspiration Powder Burn Flash, story #37 

Philia and Phobe Mytholog

Careful What You Wish For Lunarosity

Catwalk Laughter Loaf


Life Line Appears in the HeavyGlow Anthology.


Toby Mayfair Loses Himself Appears in the HeavyGlow Anthology.


Spider Pride Mytholog


Nothing Like Company FlashQuake


Backward Planning Susurrus Magazine


Liquid Gold The Pedestal Magazine


B.L.I.P. Edifice Wrecked


Making History LitBits


Let It Come  Shine...The Journal


A Father’s Handful of Truth Versal, issue V


Violet and Pilar Stories for Children


Kenyon’s Asterisk Hapa Nui's "Story of the Week 7/2/07." To be printed in '08 edition. Thanks for voting!