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* indicates an ongoing activity

*2001: Dean's Advisory Council, College of Natural Resources, University of Idaho.

*2000: Advisor, College of Natural Resources, University of Idaho, Taylor Ranch Wilderness Station.

*2000: Advisor, World Wide Fund for Nature, Global Tiger Conservation Program.

*2000: Evaluator, 21st Century Tiger Fund, London.

*2000: External Ph.D. examiner, Institute for Environment and Development, University of Kebangsaan, Malaysia

1999: Consultant, Dallas Zoo Tiger Exhibit.

1998: Evaluator for the Wildlife Institute of India/U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Collaborative Program, midterm evaluation.

1998: Graduate Lecturer in Biological Sciences, University of Northern Colorado Graduate School. Greeley, CO.

1997: Scientific Consultant, National Geographic EDVentures-Habitat: Realm of the Tiger.

*1996: Advisor, Amur Leopard Recovery Plan

*1995: Member, now Chairman, of the Save The Tiger Fund Council, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, Washington, D.C.

1995: National Advisory Committee Member, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County for the exhibit "Cats! Wild to Mild."

1995: Senior consultant for the series "Children's Illustrated Encyclopedia" for Weldon Owen Pty. Ltd; books for early-teens on diverse topics about the natural world.

*1994: Affiliate Professor of Biology, Department of Biology, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA 22030-4444

1993-1998: Core exhibit team member (curator) for Tigers!, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution.

1993: Senior consultant for the series "Discoveries," produced by Welden Owen Pty. Ltd.; books for early-teens on diverse topics about the natural world.

1993-1998: Editorial board of Biological Conservation.

1991: Consultations for review of projects for the Global Environmental Facility, Africa and Asia and Pacific regions of The World Bank, Environment Division. Washington, D.C.

1991: Consultant to the National Museum of Scotland, "Man, Conservation, and the Sundarbans" exhibit.

*1990: Co-editor with Susan Lumpkin of the series Natural History Classics from the National Zoological Park.

1989: Consultant to the Philadelphia Zoological Society for the design of a new carnivore exhibit.

1988--1994: NZP representative to the Secretariat, Investment Priorities for Biodiversity Conservation in the Asia/Pacific Region, Washington, D.C.

1988--1994: Scientific peer review panel, Program in Science and Technology, U. S. Agency for International Development.

1988: Adjunct Professor of Biology, Department of Biology, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA.

1987: Senior Editorial Consultant, National Wildlife Federation, for the book Cats of the World.

1986: Consultant, International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources, Evaluation of Dumoga-Bone National Park, Sulawesi, Indonesia.

1985: Consultant, U.S. Agency for International Development, through International Science and Technology Institute, for Mid-term Assessment of Mahaweli Environmental Project, Sri Lanka.

1985--1995: Editorial Board for Wild Mammals in Captivity, University of Chicago Press.

1983: Consultant, The World Bank, Washington, D.C.: Conservation and Management of Asian Elephants.

1982--1992: Consultant to Virginia, Maryland, and District of Columbia public health authorities and the National Park Service on Rabies and the Ecology and Behavior of Raccoons.

1982--1984: Adjunct Associate Curator of Ecology, The Florida State Museum, University of Florida, Gainesville.

1982--1984: Advisor to International Council for Bird Preservation, Reintroduction of the Bali Starling Project.

1982--1984: Advisor to Western Montana College Foundation, Centennial Institute.

1979: Consulting Wildlife Biologist, U.S. Agency for International Development, through Tippetts-Abbett-McCarthy--Stratton, Mahaweli Environmental Assessment, Sri Lanka.

1979: Research Review Committee, Bureau of Land Management (USDI), Birds of Prey Natural Area, Boise, ID.

1978: Consultant, World Wildlife Fund, to develop the Wildlife Management Plan for the Bangladesh Sundarbans.

1976: Consultant, Bureau of Land Management (USDI), evaluation of research program for Birds of Prey Natural Area, Boise, ID.

1975--1976: Advisor, Office of Visitor Services, National Zoological Park, Smithsonian Institution, for films and the design and writing of educational displays.

1974: Consultant to the Association for the Conservation of Wildlife, Bangkok and Royal Thai Forest Department for the Survey of the Huai Kha Wildlife Sanctuary.

*1974 to present: Honorary Consultant to the IUCN-World Conser-vation Union, Survival Service Commission (Cat Specialist Group).

1974: Consultant to the Government of West Bengal, India, for conservation techniques for large mammals.

1972: Consultant, Smithsonian Institution, for research program development in India and Thailand.


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