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Post-doctoral Scientists

Dr. A.J.T. Johnsingh, Wildlife Institute of India, May 1980—October 1981: "Ranging behavior of mammalian omnivores: interspecific and sexual differences."
Supported by the Friends of the National Zoo.

1982. Reproduction and social behaviors of the dhole, Cuon alpinus (Canidae). J. Zool., London 198:443-463.

1983. Large mammalian prey - predators in Bandipur, J. Bombay Natural History Society 80:1-57.

Present position: Additional Director, Professor, and Department Chair, Wildlife Institute of India.

Dr. M. E. Sunquist, National Zoological Park, June to December 1981: "Analysis of the historic and present vegetation structure at the National Zoological Park's Conservation and Research Center." Supported by Friends of the National Zoo.

Present position: Professor of Wildlife Science, University of Florida.

Dr. Otter Sieber, University of Bern, March 1982-September 1983: "Ontogeny of social behavior in raccoons," Supported by the Swiss National Foundation.

1984. Vocal communication in raccoons (Procyon lotor). Behaviour 90:80-113.

1986. Acoustic recognition between mother and cubs in raccoons (Procyon lotor). Behaviour 96:130-163.

Present position: Environmental Scientist, University of Bern.

Dr. M. Katherine Carlstead, Smithsonian Post-doctoral Fellow, 1986-1988: "Stereotypy in captive carnivores."

Research Collaborator 1989-1991: "Behavioral and physiological responses to confined environments in domestic and non-domestic felids."

Present position: Research Director, Honolulu Zoo

Dr. Eric D. Wikramanayke, Smithsonian Post-doctoral Fellow, 1989-1990. "Thermoregulatory influences on the ecology of two sympatric varanids in Sri Lanka."

1993. Thermal ecology and habitat and microhabitat use by sympatric Varanus bengalensis and V. salvator in Sri Lanka. Copeia 993:709-714.

Present position: Research Associate, National Zoological Park, Smithsonian Institution, and Senior Scientist, World Wildlife Fund-US.

Dr. M. Kelly Brock, Curatorial Post-doctoral Fellow, 1993. Supported by Friends of the National Zoo.

Present Position: San Clemente Island Wildlife Resource Manager.

Pre-doctoral Students

Dr. Lisa Forman, 1984: Dissertation: "Genetic variation in two procyonids: social, ecological, and demographic correlates." Ph.D., New York University, Supported by Friends of the National Zoo.

Present position: Scientist, U.S. Department of Justice.

Mr. Robert Baldwin, 1987-1991: M.S., George Mason University. Thesis: "Behavior of carnivores in outdoor exhibits at the National Zoological Park." Supported by Friends of the National Zoo.

Present position: University of Maine, Ph.D. candidate.

Dr. Sriyanie Miththapala, 1985-1987: M.A., Smith College; 1988 to 1992, Ph.D. program (Smithsonian International Exchanges Scholar, Smithsonian Pre-doctoral Fellow), University of Florida. Friends of the National Zoo, Smithsonian International Exchanges, Smithsonian Pre-doctoral Fellowship, and National Cancer Institute support. Dissertation: "Genetic and morphological variation in the leopard (Panthera pardus): a geographically widespread species."

Present positions: Research Associate, National Zoological Park, Smithsonian Institution; Lecturer, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka; Consultant, IUNC - The World Conservation Union, Sri Lanka.

Ms. Lee Ann Compton, 1997-1998: M.A. Thesis: "Acoustical Structure of Three Primary Call Types of Captive White-nosed Coatis, Nasua narica." University of Northern Colorado.

Mr. Stuart Wells. 1993-2000: M.S. program, George Mason University. Thesis: "Cheetah Reproductive Behavior."

Mr. K. Yoganand. 2001-present. Ph.D. candidate, Wildlife Institute of India. Dissertation: Sloth bears in India: Behavior, ecology, and conservation. Supported by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Friends of the National Zoo.

Undergraduate Students

Ms. Alexandra M. Audet. 1993: Senior honors thesis advisor. McGill University. Honors thesis published as: 1998. Behavior of the tayra, Eria barbara (Carnivora:Mustelidae) in captivity. Zool. Garten N. F. 68: 300-320.

Ms. Sofie Nilsson. 1995-1996. Project advisor and jury member. Senior thesis project: "Lion Hill, National Zoological Park, Smithsonian Institution." The Catholic University of America, School of Architecture and Planning.

I have supervised about 40 Smithsonian- and Friends of the National Zoo-supported graduate assistants, trainees, and project assistants.


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