The Antennas Index

A Brief Listing of Antenna Links...

This page presents a listing of articles about building antennas, or articles that relate to some aspect of antenna design or theory in general.

It is meant to give you a quick overview of what is available on this site. It leans toward the smaller, VHF antennas, but also features loop antennas which can vary greatly in bandwidth and, hence, size...

The emphasis here is on building since most hams still enjoy designing, constructing, and installing their own antenna systems. Antenna projects remain one of the last do-it-yourself areas under the topic homebrewing in Amateur Radio...

•  Descriptions of Popular Packet Antennas

Do you need a "special" antenna for packet radio? This brief article lists a few of the more popular and effective antennas successfully used by packeteers, such as: the vertical, J-pole, VHF beam, and even the discone. Running an efficient antenna can also allow lower power operations which can save you money in the long run...

•  A Loop Antenna Calculator (JavaScript)

If you've been thinking about building or experimenting with VHF or HF loop antennas, then this handy calculator will produce computed results in either feet or meters for several different shapes, notably: a square, triangle, circle, or rectangle. The page also contains practical construction hints and tips for building this single turn, one wave length antenna.

•  How to Build a VHF J-Pole Antenna

A J-Pole can be a very challenging antenna to build. This article shows how to build a PVC pipe-enclosed J-Pole using medium-gauge solid wire for the antenna elements instead of copper pipe as is usually done, thus reducing construction costs. If you are a first-time, or even an experienced, builder, you'll find this article both interesting and useful. (TOC included.)

•  Discussions and Observations about the Magnetic Loop Antenna

This is a general discusion about the single turn, one wave length, loop antenna. A comprehensive approach is taken which attemps to cover all the major characteristics of this unique antenna. Particular attention is paid to issues of polarity and transmission patterns. Practical examples are given where applicable. (TOC included.)

•  Building a VHF Quad Antenna

This article describes how to build a very inexpensive quad antenna, especially if you have a "junk" box full of spare parts. The prototype was made of wood and uses a uniquely adjustable support system, which allows for easy put-up and strike-down, making for a reliable emergency portable unit. Several calculators are available to determine correct element sizes.

•  Why Build Your Own: Homebrewing

Is homebrewing for you? This short article presents a general strategy for any construction project from antennas to power supplies, from circuit-boarding to kits. It mainly consists of hints and tips about how to approach and manage a homebrew construction project which will result in a useful addition to your shack.

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