Other Council Badges

In addition to the Junior Badges available through Girl Scouts of the U.S.A., councils from all over the country have developed special awards for girls to earn. No matter what council you are in, members of Girl Scouts of the U.S.A. are welcome to earn Council's Own Awards. Council's Own Junior badges are considered official awards and can therefore be worn on the front of a sash or vest. See note.

Click on the council name for the complete list of their badges.

For a list of many more Council's Own badges, please visit:

Girl Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania
our own council

Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore
New Jersey

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Girl Scouts of Central and Southern NJ

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Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta

Girl Scouts of Black Diamond Council
West Virginia, Ohio, Virginia and Maryland

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Girl Scouts - Columbia River Council
Oregon and Southwest Washington

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Girl Scouts - North Carolina Coastal Pines
North Carolina

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Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles
Los Angeles, California

Girl Scouts of Virginia Skyline Council

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NOTE: Check the requirements for the number of activities that must be completed for each badge. Make sure you document what you have done and turn in everything to your leader, including council name, and a print out of the requirements. The troop will pick up the cost of the Junior badge. You will be responsible for shipping, handling or any other fees. All work must be turned in by the week prior to the scheduled Court of Awards (see troop calendars).

last modified: 10/8/2010