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           DOA AA meeting-begins 11:00 pm (US) eastern time ---
1:00 pm South Aussie time------ IST-8:30 am (New Deli) India.please
show your support.Marty will be Chair Every Monday.

 Its good to start Paltalk at 10:30 US time,  so we can start the group
every time exactly at eleven. It's also good to show up for the meeting
before the meeting, and stay for the meeting after the meeting. You
can also join during the middle of the meeting  , but it causes
disruptions , therefore being on time is favored .

First the group leader either  asks what is wanted  (audio grapevine,
topic, theme, step, living sober book ) or desides already what
sharing will touch. Usually a paragraph is read  from AA-literature,
after which start turns to share. Turns are in the order that hands are
raised ( press hand button ), in wich the chairman desides , in essence
no real order is for it. If you are not there when you  are given a turn ,
you will be given a turn later, most likely at the end of the meeting.

That basically is the AA-group path most likely, but the technique 
might occasinally cause difficulties. One has to live with it , but the
group  failiure  because of it is very rare.                                                                           


Paltalk is a program, you need to join the group. The  program is free ,
but  you can use the video in the chatroom by upgrading to plus. DOA 
AA Group nevertheless works via computers, and is this way free with
Paltalk. Calls with paltalk are free. You will not be charged anything.
You don't need to buy anything or pay minutes for anything.

Download Paltalk from and follow
the directions for installing the program. The installation is simple. You
have to make a paltalk account with a visible profile to join the DOA AA
group because of the R Rating , wich is also free.

In case something has been left unclear , or you have come against obtacles ,
you can contact Marty. His email is . His  Skype-
contact is "Marttään s, Binghamton, New York, USA".