Astronomy, Cosmology, Particle Physics at Milton Academy

Good Astro Links
Jim Kernohan, teacher
Cosmology and Particle Physics
Good Astro Links
Cosmology and Particle Physics links
Student Photos


Distance ladder:


Emission spectra of common elements:


Physics news updates:


Georgia State U. "Hyperphysics" (very nice):


Cool Powers of 10 site:


Wadsworth Astronomy Resource Center:


Earth satellite viewing predictions:


American Meteor society:


NASA "space weather" (solar activity):


Astronomical Society of the Pacific:


Hubble space telescope page:


Hubble photos:


Hubble famous "deep field" page:


Nick Strobel's Astronomy Notes:


Skyview - a virtual observatory on the web:




Sky and Telescope Magazine home page:


Astronomy Now Magazine (UK) home page:


List of the 110 Messier objects:


Gamma Ray Burster Info:


Galileo spacecraft page:


CHANDRA orbiting X-ray telescope info and pics:    


Terraforming info:


Constellations info:


Asteroid occultation predictions:


Amateur Telescope Makers of Boston:


"MicroObservatory" telescope:


Sidereal time calculator:


Near Earth Asteroid Tracking (NEAT):


Impact craters:


U. of Tenn. - Astronomy 161:


Cornell U. - Astronomy 201:


NOAA-POES satellite, aurora observer


Planetary atmospheres:




Jordanian astronomical society data page:


Nine Planets (SEDS, U. of Arizona chapter):


Great stellar database, easy to use:


U. of Oregon Pine Mtn. observatory:


Distance ladder:


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