Astronomy, Cosmology, Particle Physics at Milton Academy

Cosmology and Particle Physics links
Jim Kernohan, teacher
Cosmology and Particle Physics
Good Astro Links
Cosmology and Particle Physics links
Student Photos

Cosmology Web sites



            Sloan Digital Sky Survey:


Ned Wright’s Notes:

Nick Strobel’s Notes

Galactic Communication applet:

CfA Universe forum:

Tour of the Universe:

Wright Center for Science Education Cosmic Evolution

            Cosmos in a Computer:

            Chandra Games:

            Tour of the MIlky Way :

            Cosmology Overview:


Particle Physics Web Sites:

1) What is Fundamental?

2) How Do We Know Any of This?

3) Accelerators:

4) Forces:

5) Detectors

6) Particle Summary:

7) Particle History:

8) Quarks and Leptons:

9) How Do We Detect What is Happening?

10) The Quark Adventure, good for review

11) EPP Lectures, a great overview

12) FermiLab Games

            Law and Order (ideas, rules)

                        Baryon bonanza

                        Particle families

                        Nature’s scales

                        Four forces

            Warp Speed (accelerators)

                        Push the particle

                        Race for energy

            Ghost Buster (detectors)

                        Particle counter

                        Particle trapper

                        Detector detail

            Code Cracker (methods)

                        Particle graffiti

                        Particle pool

                        Particle pinball





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