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KF4UQS, Glenn


American Radio Relay League


Woodbridge Wireless, Inc.

I have been a member of both Woodbridge Wireless, Inc. in Woodbridge, VA and the ARRL since 1997 when I decided to become a licensed Ham.  If you click on the icons for either of these organizatons it will take you to their homepage.

I have recently started experimenting with APRS for both position and weather reporting.  My position reports are sent using 144.390 MHZ.  I do not have a transmitter set up for weather reporting so I'm doing that with an internet connection.  The following links are to K4HG STEVEN DIMSE's Findu.com APRS internet database.

This is the data from my weather station.

Where am I?

Where have I been:

Here is what the weather is like at my QTH in APRS Format.

DE KF4UQS, Glenn