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Boston Wine Expo 2000


Veramonte Merlot Alto de Casablanca '98 -- Plum and green chile pepper aromas, with good plum fruit. Round and very pleasant to drink, but a bit simple. A pretty good restaurant wine.

Veramonte Cabernet Sauvignon Alto de Casablanca '98 -- Plum and bell pepper aromas lead to powerful plum-fruit-dominated flavors. Good tannic grip, but the tannins are smooth. Big and muscular, and offers good drinking now.

Veramonte Primus Alto de Casablanca '97 -- Made from 95% Carmenère, a grape which was once widely grown in Bordeaux, but has largely disappeared from that region. It has been planted fairly widely in Chile, where it was often mistaken for (and is still sometimes sold as) Merlot. A big, complex nose, with plum and green chile pepper aromas, along with vanilla and spice. Lush plum, black cherry flavors, with a good framework of spicy oak and tannin. A very interesting and enjoyable wine.

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