Boston Wine Expo 1998 Excerpts

Some of the most interesting wines I tasted at the 1998 Expo were made from varieties of grapes used in the Rhone region of France, such as Syrah, Mourvedre and Grenache. These days, the Rhone grapes are being grown in numerous winemaking regions, including Australia and California, and are responsible for many excellent wines. For me, the highlight of the Expo was the chance to taste 10 years of Syrah from one of California's most famous producers and vineyards, the Edmunds St. John Durell Vineyard.

If you would like to attend the Boston Wine Expo, the next one will probably take place in late January or early February, 2002. You can find details on my Boston Wine Expo Information Page and on the official Boston Wine Expo website.

Edmunds St. John Durell Syrah Vertical Tasting (1986-1995)
Wines from Rhone grape varieties (from the Main Floor of the Expo)


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