Boston Wine Expo '99 Canadian Wines

Inniskillin Riesling Niagara '94--Very dry with almost no nose and simple apple flavors. Short acid finish.

Inniskillin Vidal Icewine Niagara '97--Peaches and honey on the nose. The palate shows some lychee, along with peaches, honey and cream. Very sweet, with an acid balance. Long finish. This is what Vidal Icewine should taste like.

Peller Estate Chardonnay Founders Series Niagara '97--Vegetal elements on the nose lead to simple, hollow peach flavors and a short finish. Not much there.

Peller Cuvee Brut Niagara NV--A sparkling Riesling/Vidal blend from Ontario. That's a pretty good clue that this wine isn't going to be your typical sparkler... Yeasty, leesy aromas on the nose, along with some sweet apple and lychee. Seems a bit simple in the mouth, but still some sweet fruit flavors. More residual sugar than I would expect from a brut.

Peller Vidal Icewine Founders Series Niagara '97--Thick honeyed lychee aromas with a slightly canned edge. Plenty of peach and lychee flavors in the mouth, and a thick, viscous texture. Very sweet with a good clean acid finish. The canned fruits and simplicity of flavor knock this one down a bit.

Peller Vidal Late Harvest Founders Series Niagara '97--Canned lychee on the nose. The sweet lychee fruit in the mouth unfortunately has a tinned edge along with foxy elements. Plenty of sugar and acid, but the finish is a bit short and simple.

Vineland Estates Riesling Semi-Dry Niagara '97--Nice varietal nose with apples, peach and a stony note. Prickles the tongue, with nice apple and mineral flavors. Turns a bit bitter and tart on the finish.

Vineland Estates Vidal Icewine Niagara '97--A fairly simple nose of tinned lychee, but nicer in the mouth with generous ripe peach and lychee flavors. A long finish of candied fruit and a hint of orange peel.

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