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Boston Wine Expo Information

Planning a trip to the 2003 Boston Wine Expo? Visit our Boston Wine Expo Information page. Updated 1/5/03.

Wines of the Month

January, 2002

Paternity Test

Tracking down Syrah's origins.

Last Month: Ice Hot - Sweet treats for the holidays.
Wines of the Month Archive
- See what you've missed, or revisit old favorites! (May 1999-present)
Wine and Producer List
-- A comprehensive list of our featured wines and their producers, with links to their websites. Updated 01/12/02.

Marcel's Favorite Wine Links
Links updated 9/14/02
The Vintage Voice reviewer's list of the best wine sites on the web. Find everything from tasting notes, to winemaking tips and scientific references.

Boston Wine Expo 2000 Report
Get the full story from the latest Expo in the Boston Wine Expo 2000 Report, or if you're in a hurry, just click through to Vintage Voice's "Top 20" list of main floor wines. Also, don't forget to check out the notes from the Tempranillo and Lustau Sherry seminars.


The Punt FAQ
Ever wonder why many wine bottles have indentations in their bottoms? Or what those indentations are called? Find out more than you ever wanted to know in this FAQ.

1999 Boston Wine Expo Report and 1998 Boston Wine Expo Excerpts
1999 featured tasting notes for more than 160 wines and seminars with Hugh Johnson and Roger Bomrich, MW. While in 1998, wines made from Rhône grape varieties were a highlight.

WLDG Offlines
Tasting notes from informal gatherings of Internet wine enthusiasts in the New England area. The February '00 offline featured an amazing lineup, spanning 4 continents and 23 years in age. And don't miss the great wines in the September '99 and June '99 offlines.

About Vintage Voice
Learn about us in our FAQ. Also, the Ratings FAQ tells you how and why Vintage Voice rates wines.

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