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What happened to Marcel's Wine Page?

It has become "Vintage Voice", to match the new URL ( With the growing popularity of the site, we thought it was time for a change. Don't worry, though. All of your old bookmarks will still work, and you'll still get the same great wine notes, reports, FAQs and links, but with a new, easy-to-remember URL. And don't think that we're going to get fancy and graphically bloated, just because we're a .com site. Our motto remains: No bells, no whistles, just wine.

What is Vintage Voice?

Born in May, 1999 as Marcel's Wine Page, Vintage Voice is a site aimed at wine drinkers of all levels of experience, containing tasting notes, reports, FAQs and selected links. The reports generally focus on affordable wines (less than US$20). However, more expensive wines are also covered, because Vintage Voice believes that part of the fun of wine is enjoying a special bottle on a special occasion, even if you couldn't afford to drink it every day. Whether you are looking for everyday bottles or special-occasion sippers, we hope to be a voice you can trust when picking a wine.

Who is Marcel?

Marcel Lachenmann is the person responsible for all the wine tasting notes on Vintage Voice. He has been tasting and enjoying wines for more than 12 years. In addition to creating this site, he also is a contributing editor for the Food&Drink: Wine email newsletter from, and a volunteer editor of the Wine Guides and Directories and Wine Travel categories of the Open Directory Project.

What kinds of wines do you cover?

Vintage Voice notes cover all kinds of grape wines, but tend to focus on some of the less-popular wine regions, generally leaving areas like Bordeaux, Burgundy and California Cabernet for the many other able writers who cover them. By searching out wines from less-famous regions, or unheralded producers, Vintage Voice tries to find good values that other people may overlook.

How do you rate wines?

For an in-depth answer, see the Wine Ratings FAQ.

Is Vintage Voice going to start accepting ads?

Yes. In order to pay the expenses of the site, we will accept ads. In order to prevent even the appearance of a conflict of interest, however, our policy will be not to accept ads from wine producers, importers, wholesalers or wine marketing associations. We will also not accept ads for tobacco products or "adult sites". Other wine-related (including retailers) and non-wine related businesses are encouraged to advertise on Vintage Voice. For more information, including rates, please send email to Please note, however, that Vintage Voice does not tolerate email spam (aka unsolicited commercial email), and will not accept ads from any companies that engage in this activity.

How can I contact Vintage Voice?

You can find all of the information you need on our contact page.

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