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Apr 29, 2005
Apr 29, 2005
Apr 26, 2005
Flip-flop on Amtrak  Apr 26, 2005

"Business interests on K Street are urging Frist to delay the tactic because it could imperil their legislative agenda,"   Apr 7, 2005
Another GOP aide said Santorum is less concerned with the fallout from the Schiavo case than with addressing several more items on the legislative agenda before Democrats tie the Senate in knots, as they have threatened to retaliate against a rule change.  “There’s important business our guys have to get out of the way,” the aide said.   Apr 21, 2005

Santorum trip results mixed, he may have raised $250,000 in Florida, but visit cost him in polls  Apr 21, 2005

Unpopular Stands, Senator's views on Schiavo and Social Security are costing him political ground  Apr 21, 2005

GOP misused Schiavo  Apr 21, 2005

Group says Santorum gets improper tax break  Apr 20, 2005
The Republican National Committee raised a record $32.3 million from January through March, more than double the Democrats' total. The RNC finished March with $26.2 million on hand... The Democratic National Committee raised $13.8 million in the first quarter.  That includes at least $1 million a week since ... Howard Dean took over as chairman in mid-February.  The committee has $7.2 million in the bank.  Go to Links
Apr 18, 2005

Anti-life measures  Apr 14, 2005
Unfortunately, the Murray Amendment to the $80 billion supplemental funding bill for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan was defeated for the second time (it was first defeated as an amendment to the Senate Budget Resolution earlier this year) by a vote of 54-46 with all but one Republican member of the Senate voting against the veterans’ funding.  “I am extremely disappointed that Republicans in the Senate have chosen to turn their backs on our veterans,” Murray said in response to the vote. “By denying the crisis at the VA, they are ignoring our responsibility to fully provide for the men and women who risk their lives for our freedom.”
But Sen.Rick Santorum, R-Pa., said the courts had practiced nothing less than "judicial tyranny" in this case and took aim at those who say Congress overstepped its bounds in getting involved.  "[This is] routinely done by the courts — deciding they are now a super-legislature," Santorum told reporters in a conference call soon after Schiavo's death. "I'm not sure if the press realizes how serious this conflict is between the branches of government and how gravely concerned members of Congress are with [the] kinds of judicial tyranny we've seen...To suggest Congress has exceeded power shows you there are judges who simply ignore written law and substitute their own judgments."  FOX News
Florida, now Rome?  Apr 9, 2005


Santorum claimed, "Not a single provision of the Patriot Act has been held unconstitutional by any court in the United States."  -- Santorum's Weekly Column  Oct 29, 2004   The Washington Post reports, "Part of Patriot Act Is Struck Down:   A federal judge in Los Angeles has declared unconstitutional a provision of the USA Patriot Act..."  John Mintz, Jan 27, 2004

The federal energy bill is a good place to start. We need our legislators to support clean-energy initiatives, including higher fuel-efficiency standards, ending fossil-fuel subsidies and sponsoring renewable-energy development.  The issue of environmental degradation, which will affect all of us more and more (with 2050 being a major crisis point, the report says), is more important than any partisan goals. It is about preserving the health of our citizens and our nation.
Townhall tussle  Apr 4, 2005
Not his business  Apr 1, 2005
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