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In 1999, a document from the Discovery Institute was posted, anonymously, on the Internet.  This Wedge Document, as it came to be called, described not only the institute's long-term goals but its strategies for accomplishing them.  The document begins by labelling the idea that human beings are created in the image of God "one of the bedrock principles on which Western civilization was built."  It goes on to decry the catastrophic legacy of Darwin, Marx, and Freud -- the alleged fathers of a "materialistic conception of reality" that eventually "infected virtually every area of our culture." The mission of the Discovery Institute's scientific wing is then spelled out: "nothing less than the overthrow of materialism and its cultural legacies."  H. Allen Orr, The New Yorker, May 30, 2005
"Government should encourage lifesaving research, but should focus on science that both works and is ethical," he said.   AP, May 25, 2005

The Hitler Card  May 23 & 26, 2005    
House Armed Services Committee Chairman Duncan Hunter, R-Calif., has employed a rarely used authority to strike a provision in the committee-passed $441.6 billion defense authorization bill that would have opened the military's Tricare health care system to all National Guard members and reservists. The provision, one of only a handful of Democrat victories during the 14-hour markup last week, would push the military's mandatory spending levels beyond those allowed...
Santorum's extreme views are no surprise - We can't be surprised that Sen. Rick Santorum's name did not appear on the list of 14 moderate senators who cooperated to avoid the ''nuclear option'' for judicial filibusters. Instead, the senator was busy invoking the name of Adolf Hitler to demonize those who opposed his extremely conservative point of view... Daniel E. Allen, Kutztown, Letter to the editor, The Morning CallMay 27, 2005
May 21, 2005
"I mean, imagine, the rule has been in place for 214 years that this is the way we confirm judges. Broken by the other side two years ago, and the audacity of some members to stand up and say, how dare you break this rule. It's the equivalent of Adolf Hitler in 1942 saying, 'I'm in Paris. How dare you invade me. How dare you bomb my city? It's mine."   Santorum on Senate floor, May 19, 2005,   video

AccuWeather's Influence  May 17 & Apr 30, 2005
Senate acts to add funds for highways, defies Bush over keeping measure under constraints of budget accord   May 12, 2005

Santorum to speak today in Philly at the 24th annual Law Enforcement Appreciation Day luncheon in the Bellevue Park-Hyatt   May 12, 2005

Santorum blocked 3 of Clinton's judicial nominees  May 11, 2005

Santorum calls for passage of CAFTA at event hosted by Grocery Manufacturers of America   May 11, 2005

Social Security truths  May 11, 2005
Do what's right  May 9, 2005

Food for kids  May 2, 2005
Casey and gun control  May 1, 2005
Political beef  May 1, 2005
The Capitol Hill paper Roll Call ... last week quoted Democratic strategists chiding Sen. Rick Santorum (R., Pa.) for spending campaign funds on personal meals, apparently a common practice. One expenditure on Santorum's quarterly federal report was $390 for steaks at Geno's in South Philly. And the sandwiches weren't even for him. Or for other Republicans. They were sent to the office of Sen. Edward Kennedy (D., Mass.) to satisfy a bet on the Super Bowl, in which the New England Patriots beat the Eagles.   Philadelphia Inquirer
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