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Flag-burning amendment a handy diversion

I imagine a late night meeting in the Oval Office. In attendance are President Bush, Vice President Cheney, Sen. Rick Santorum, Rep. Tom DeLay and Sen. Bill Frist.

Bush says, ''Well, fellas, we must come up with another plan to distract the public. Abortion and gay marriage just aren't doing the trick anymore.'' Heads nod. Bush follows up, ''This Downing Street memo thing must be crushed. People are actually starting to talk about impeachment!''

''Oh, and that Terri Schiavo, actually being vegetative ... I could have sworn my diagnosis by watching videotapes was accurate,'' says Frist.

''So, what can we do? George, Dick, c'mon you guys surely have a trick up your sleeve,'' says Santorum. Cheney and Bush sit in silence. Suddenly Bush glances at a picture of his father and smacks his forehead as a grin crosses his face.

''Flag burning!'' he exclaims. Everyone laughs out of happiness and relief. They raise their glasses in a toast. ''Flag burning!'' they shout in joy.

Mary S. Mesaros, Allentown
Letter to the Editor, The Morning Call, Jun 27, 2005
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