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It takes an education   Jul 31, 2005
Some of August will be spent on the book-tour circuit, talking about the ideas and assessments he makes in this volume. Santorum faces reelection next year, so the book will be part of his talking points as he holds some campaign events during this period.  As for downtime, Santorum and his family will relax for 10 days near Charleston, S.C., at a house owned by his in-laws.
Specter (R., Pa.) finished his last chemotherapy treatment for Hodgkin's disease July 22 and is probably hoping to spend a month regrowing his hair.
"I don't know how that's going to shake out," Santorum said... "All I would suggest is that, again, until we know all the facts, [we] look at the job that Congressman Sherwood is doing and make decisions based on the facts."   Jul 20, 2005
In response to Clinton's denials of a relationship with Lewinsky:   "He cannot confront his own irresponsibility and take blame for it.''  Santorum, Philadelphia Inquirer, Aug 19, 1998
The fact that Supreme Court nominee John Roberts' wife does free legal work for an anti-abortion group should not be relevant to his confirmation hearing. - Santorum 
For a guy who just wrote a stinging book about family values, Sen. Rick Santorum sure sounded mealy-mouthed when asked about U.S. Rep. Don Sherwood’s dalliances.  Times Leader
"I don't think there is any way there will be a filibuster," Santorum

... Another Bush judicial appointee with experience representing the mining industry is John G. Roberts, Jr., a former colleague of George Miller's at the Hogan & Hartson law and lobbying firm. Roberts was one of the co-authors of Miller’s amicus brief on behalf of the National Mining Association’s challenge to the government ban on ‘mountaintop removal’. In 2003, Roberts was confirmed to the powerful D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, where earlier this year he ruled against environmentalists who were pushing for more restrictive government regulations of copper smelters--many of whom are members of the National Mining Association that Roberts once represented. As a lobbyist in the 1990s, Roberts worked on behalf of the peanut industry, pushing federal legislation that maintained government subsidies which the GAO estimated cost consumers $500 million a year. Agricultural and mining interests are often involved in regulatory cases that come before the DC Circuit Court where Roberts now sitsCourting Influence website
Artic Power describes itself as "a grassroots, non-profit citizen's organization with 10,000 members founded ... to expedite congressional and presidential approval of oil exploration and production within the Coastal Plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge."  anwr.org
It is not even accurate to assert that Boston was the center of the child abuse horror... Using a simple, clarifying concept -- priests accused as a percent of priests in the affected diocese -- the ''center" turns out to have been Covington, Ky. -- known to business travelers everywhere as the home of Cincinnati's airport. The percentage of accused priests there from 1950 on was 9.6 percent, compared to 7 percent in Boston.  Thomas Oliphant, Jul 17, 2005
The wacko factor   Jul 17, 2005
"The people of Boston are to blame for the clergy sexual abuse? That is an irresponsible, insensitive and inexcusable thing to say," said Kennedy, D-Mass.   Kennedy called for Santorum to apologize to the people of Boston and Massachusetts.
MA Attorney General Thomas Reilly, a Democratic candidate for governor (who investigated the cases of abuse by the clergy), also criticized Santorum on Wednesday. "For him to equate liberalism with child abuse is disgraceful," he said. "It's embarrassing for him and embarrassing to his party and his party should disown him."
''I think he probably has written off Massachusetts," said Senator John McCain, an Arizona Republican who is also a potential 2008 contender.
Statement from Pennsylvania's Democratic Party Chair  Jul 13, 2005
"Pedophilia is a vile crime.  To tell victims to go blame the liberals for their horrific childhood experiences is irresponsible, it defies reason and is just downright wacko."  Rep. T.J. Rooney
"If it's very speculative, and we have a bird in hand," Mr. Specter said, "let us not avoid going forward with what we know will work."  Jul 13, 2005
PA Senators among the top 20 receiving pharmaceutical money since 1998   Jul 12, 2005 [Figure of $2 million quoted reflects Santorum's fundraising as of 3/31/05]

"In far too many families with young children, both parents are working, when, if they really took an honest look at the budget, they might confess that both of them really don’t need to, or at least may not need to work as much as they do… And for some parents, the purported need to provide things for their children simply provides a convenient rationalization for pursuing a gratifying career outside the home." Pg. 94  It Takes a Family
Santorum says he does not want his home-state voters to think he feels impoverished on his $162,100 Senate salary, but it is clear that money is a concern and that he is almost certainly one of the least well-off among the 100 senators.  ''We live paycheck to paycheck, absolutely,'' he says. Does he have money set aside for college? ''No. None. I always tell my kids: 'Work hard. We'll take out loans. Whatever.' '' He volunteers that his parents help out financially. ''They're by no means wealthy ... but they'll send a check every now and then. They realize things are a little tighter for us.''  NYTimes Magazine, May 22, 2005
"I see liberalism and libertarianism as ideologies that aren't based necessarily in reality." 
- Rick Santorum 
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