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Congress, not people, deserve to be penalized

Our learned Sen. Rick Santorum has said that the people who refused to leave New Orleans should be subject to stronger penalties, as if they have not suffered enough!

I suggest that the stronger penalties should be imposed on the irresponsible fools in Washington who did not meet their responsibilities, leaving those poor people to suffer and die.

These are the same people who passed a pork-laden transportation bill but have constantly cut funding for the Army Corps of Engineers to maintain the levees in New Orleans. Our elected officials show no compassion when it comes to funding anything that might benefit the poor.

David King, Plainfield Township
Letter to the editor, The Morning Call, Sep 11, 2005
Response to Katrina will be a defining moment

This nation's response to the Katrina catastrophe will be defining. Do we care enough to rescue the lives of poor, black people en masse? Note: The lives of all residents of New Orleans across all races and economic levels have been destroyed. That said, the lives on the line right now are predominantly black and very poor.

I think the mayor of New Orleans and governor of Louisiana have been exceptional in their leadership. The White House's lack of true leadership is so exposed at this moment.

The folly of massive tax cuts with no concern for a ''rainy day'' or infrastructure, the vileness of the trumped-up Iraq invasion and its billions upon billions of mounting cost, not to mention lost lives — for what?

And does Iraq, by any chance, have anything to do with our inability to mobilize a meaningful National Guard response for New Orleans in under a week?

Every Republican state-level and national officeholder who has marched in lockstep with the Bush administration in support of Iraq and the tax cuts needs to be removed from office.

And Pennsylvania's own Sen. Rick Santorum needs to be at the front of that line in 2006.

John Hall, Easton
Letter to the editor, The Morning Call, Sep 9, 2005
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