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September News

Santorum profile:  When they met, Karen Santorum was in her 20's living with an Ob-Gyn dr. in his 60's, co-founder of Pittsburgh's first abortion clinic, according to Philly City Paper  Sep 29, 2005

NPR reports Santorum, following discussions being encouraged by the conservative Heritage Foundation, is renewing efforts for faith based initiatives, Bush wants Gulf Opportunity Zone, where taxes are cut and regulations waived.  Listen
Cindy Sheehan sets up a brief picket at Santorum's Philadelphia office.  Santorum followed Bush yet again and apparently refused to meet with her.  Sep 16, 2005
Disapproving State  Sep 16, 2005
The Senate narrowly turned back a challenge to the Bush administration's strategy on mercury pollution Tuesday, leaving intact federal rules that give power plants flexibility in how they reduce emissions of the dangerous toxin.  With a 51-47 vote, the Senate defeated a resolution to void Environmental Protection Agency rules finalized last March. The Democrats and nine Republicans who supported the repeal contended the EPA approach was too slow and too weak in dealing with a pollutant that can cause serious neurological damage to newborn and young children...  the EPA rules ... don't begin to cut emissions until 2018 and will not reach the goal of 70 percent reductions until 2030.  [Vote #225, S.J.Res. 20]

Santorum has acknowledged that his legislation [that would include dismantling the NWS website] could help protect jobs at private weather firms -- including at least 14 in Pennsylvania, according to his staff -- but said its larger purpose was to make sure that the weather service focused on its key mission of warning citizens about the most severe weather.  Santorum has received at least $7,000 from employees of AccuWeather, based in State College, Pa., according to Federal Election Commission reports.
Sep 3, 2005
On the fruitless search by Sen. Santorum's staff for documentation to confirm that he has asked "tough questions" about the Iraq war:  There's no proof of what Santorum didn't ask  Sep 1, 2005  [obviously submitted before Aug 30 article announcing Santorum's office found 2004 transcript of Santorum questioning military after Fallujah, but not questioning Bush policy]
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