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Greed embraced, seniors paying cost

We’ve heard so much about values from the politicians, but what I see more and more is a warped sense of values based on greed that more and more favors rich people and corporations.

The war in Iraq had nothing to do with a real threat to our country. It had more to do with oil interests and corporate greed, with companies like Halliburton, which have profited tremendously from misguided government policies.

Our more recent hurricane disasters are even better examples. Again, the huge profits that are and will be recorded by the oil industry are sinful. Why didn’t our government — the same one that asked every individual American to be patriotic and give money to the victims — ask or order the oil industry to freeze prices for the duration? Instead, we’ve been gouged at the gas pump this fall and will be further gouged at the furnace this winter. It’s inexcusable.

And throughout these man-made and natural disasters, we have a president determined to privatize our Social Security system, the one program that has worked well. His administration, fully supported by our Sen. Rick Santorum, wants to use Social Security money to feed and strengthen the stock market, which in turn will benefit the Bushes and the Halliburtons of the world and not our country’s senior citizens.

And of course there is our state Legislature that, in this time of financial hardship and uncertainty, vote themselves huge raises.

After seeing those raises and tax cuts for the wealthy and the profits of the oil industries, it makes me sick to see what kind of a raise America’s senior citizens will get in Social Security next year.

Senior citizens made this country the leader of the world. They paid their fair share of taxes over their working lifetime. They sacrificed their time and sometimes their lives for this country. These are real values that should never be forgotten or sacrificed on the altar of corporate greed and aid to the wealthy.

Jean Janesko, Moosic  
Letter to the editor, Scranton Times Tribune, Oct 7, 2005
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