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The year was the deadliest year of the Iraq war for the state’s military personnel, with 46 soldiers killed heading into the Christmas holiday weekend — most of them in combat, according to The Associated Press.  Pennsylvania has lost more than 100 soldiers since the war began in 2003. Only California and Texas have paid steeper prices...
[PA is ranked 6th in state population, preceded by CA, TX, NY, FL, and IL,  according to the 2000 US Census.  Estimates of the 2004 by the US Census project CA has three times the population of PA.]
Sen. Rick Santorum said he was pleased with President George W. Bush’s recent efforts to convey the story of success in Iraq. Santorum, in a news release, cited the nation’s parliamentary elections accompanying high participation, fewer acts of violence on the cities’ streets and continuing assistance to the Iraqi army and security forces coming from American and coalition troops as reasons for a brighter outlook next year.  He also cited America not having seen another attack on its homeland since Sept. 11, 2001, as reasons for optimism.  ‘‘We are a country of resolve,’’ Santorum said. ‘‘We cannot waiver in our mission to secure democracy in Iraq.’’
The Jan. 8 program, "Justice Sunday III: Proclaim Liberty Throughout the Land," follows two previous gatherings designed to rally support for conservative positions on abortion, gay marriage, prayer in public schools and other issues.

Christian television and radio stations across the country plan to broadcast the event from the Greater Exodus Baptist Church in Philadelphia. Scheduled speakers include U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum, R.-Pa., and James Dobson of the conservative Christian group Focus on the Family.


Santorum - who sits on the advisory board of the Thomas More Law Center, which defended the school board in court - said the case offered "a bad set of facts" to test the concept that theories other than evolution should be taught in science classrooms.  "I thought the Thomas More Law Center made a huge mistake in taking this case and in pushing this case to the extent they did," Santorum said.  He said he intends to withdraw his affiliation with the Michigan-based public-interest law firm that promotes Christian values.

"Their asserted purposes are a sham," he [Judge Jones] wrote. "The district's purpose was to advance creationism, an inherently religious view, both by introducing it directly under the label ID and by disparaging the scientific theory of evolution so that creationism would gain credence by default."

In his decision, Judge Jones blasted school board members for lying in sworn depositions to conceal religious motives and to hide the fact that a church donated funds to place copies of "Of Pandas and People" -- an intelligent design textbook -- in the school library.

Santorum backs Bush on NSA spying, Specter calls for hearings  Dec 20, 2005

Senators struggle for compromise on Patriot Act, Dems want 3 month extension to renegotiate   Dec 20, 2005

Vote NO, the poor should not bear the brunt of deficit cuts   Dec 21, 2005   

The same administration that gave us spying on Americans, good news bought and paid for in the Iraqi press and a costly war built on elusive rationales now wants to reduce the deficit on the backs of the poor. Americans deserve better -- and the Senate should say so today by voting no.

Senator Bill Frist, the majority leader, disputed the notion that Republicans were subverting the rules, though he said a specific provision in the military bill would declare that any new precedent created by including the drilling plan would not alter the rules for future legislation.  NYTimes



Bush to speak on Iraq in Philly on Monday, Santorum scheduled to attend this time  Dec 9, 2005

GOP senators dividing up Santorum's leadership duties while he works on re-election campaign  Dec 8, 2005

Casey asks FEC to require disclosure of donors for Santorum ads  Dec 8, 2005

Schiavo husband launches PAC opposing Santorum, Frist, Delay and other politicians he blames for his 'private national nightmare'   Dec 8, 2005

Opposing obscene profits for Univ. of Pitt. Medical Center and 'arrogance' of ads asking people to thank Santorum  Dec 8, 2005

Candidates for U.S. Senate weave Israel into campaigns  Dec 7, 2005

Senate contenders spar over ads and fiscal responsibility  Dec 7, 2005

Casey asks Santorum to disavow TV ads  Dec 6, 2005

In a season of scandals, Senate and House ethics panels are on sidelines, silent   Dec 5, 2005

Republicans brace for a tough 2006; Santorum seriously endangered  Dec 5, 2005

GOP leaders' legislative aims for the end of the year  Dec 5, 2005

No clear favorite in GOP presidential race   Dec 5, 2005

Sen. Burns (R-Montana) flipped vote after $5K donation from clients linked to Abramoff  Dec 5, 2005

Actors in American for Job Security TV ad and Santorum's web ads are the same;  president of AJS and Santorum's media consultant deny the two sides had collaborated in any way. They each said it was a coincidence they used the same stock footage in their respective ads.  Casey's spokesman says it raises questions   Dec 2, 2005

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