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Literacy Resources

  1. Purdue OWL's GED segment: + Grades 7-12 resources
  2. UOttawa Hypergrammar:
  3. Jack Lynch's Guide to Grammar and Style
  4. UChicago's list of grammar resources:
  5. My list:


GED + Some Practice Test Questions

KET pretests

About the GED - from ACE

Contemporary's GED Science | GED Practice Test
The Science Test consists of multiple-choice questions intended to ..... 2002 McGraw-Hill Higher Education

Links to other sites with GED test preparation resources

NorthWest  Internet Gateway for Adult Education Online Resources

Links to Practice Tests

GED Requirements Massachusetts - Passing parameters, test locations, exceptions for disabilities

2012 GED Revision

ACE Teaching Resources and Tips




Writing -culled from emailed research

error analyzer


Here's the page Sheila started for 101 research.

and here's the Absolute PowerPoint article:


Camtasia will capture whatever is happening on your screen, and
simultaneously record an audio narrative, so you could show the process and
talk about it at the same time.  You can then take the resultant file and
add titles, then output the whole thing as Quicktime, Real, or -- the best
-- Flash.  (If you output as Flash you don't need access to a streaming
server to serve the file; you can just put it in your regular web space.)
You can see an example at:

 WordNet: A Lexical Database for the English Language .  & Chronicle of Higher Ed | NY Times | NPR | M-Live (Ann Arbor News)
Annette Wannamaker's Web Site

Steve Krause has a good one -
Kairos News, oriented toward tech -
Joe Moxley -
Clancy Ratliff writes about feminism and rhet, among other things -
Steve Kline has Rhetorica, largely oriented toward rhet analysis of
current political discourse -
Rhetoricians for Peace
Will Richardson has one with a huge number of links to other blogs in
education -