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  1. What will the architect’s fee be?

Depending on the range of services, the fee will be somewhere between 5% and 15% of the construction cost of the project

  1. What will the construction cost be?

For commercial projects, the cost can range from $75/sf for warehouses to $150/sf for offices to $350/sf for restaurants.

For residential projects, the cost can be between $150/sf and $300/sf depending on the grade of finishes desired and the size of the project.

  1. What accounts for the variation in the Architect’s fee?

The range of services provided is one factor. The level of detail required also affects the fee. The Architect can include details that make it easier for the contractor to build and complete his work, enabling the client to get an accurate and/or complete price for the desired product. Otherwise, the client will spend a good amount of time working out details during construction. Some people prefer being involved, others would rather the Architect handle these details

  1. Who will the contractor be?

If the client has not already selected a contractor, reputable builders can be recommended.

  1. What if the price comes in too high?

It is good to approach the project with a realistic budget and concept of what is absolutely necessary and what is optional. If desired, modifications can be made to the drawings and they can be rebid.

  1. Will the Architect’s drawings be perfect?

No, they will not, but we do our best to provide as many details as possible.