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Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Unnamed Path
Hyperion's excellent site (and podcast) on shamanic spirituality for men-who-love-men.  Click here.
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Dianic Wicca
Please visit this beautiful new site in tribute to lesbian spirituality!  Click here.
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Monday, August 20, 2007

New yoga classes
Seema Christie presents hatha yoga practice on Monday nights
at 44O Studios, 440 Lafayette Street (near St. Mark's Place), Manhattan.  Room 4G.
Monday evenings, beginning September 10, 8:15pm-9:30pm

This will be a nurturing, deep,relaxing practice, incorporating integral yoga and Swami Radha's teachings of insight through asana. Essential oils will be used to enhance the asana practice during the class in a subtle way to help focus and relax each student. Seema will also incorporate hands-on Reiki healing for students who are comfortable with touch.  This class is appropriate for beginners as well as experienced practitioners.  Please bring a mat and towel.

Suggested donation $15. No one will be turned away for lack of funds. Give what you can--especially if it is just your presence in class!

Please confirm your attendance:
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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Deck Reviews: Goddess Inspiration Oracle, Sacred Geometry Oracle, Sacred Mirrors Cards

Kris Waldherr: Goddess Inspiration Oracle (Llewellyn, 2007; ISBN: 978-0-7387-1167-6)

My initial reaction to Goddess Inspiration Oracle by Kris Waldherr (creator of the popular Goddess Tarot and author of The Book of Goddesses) was quite a few notches short of enthusiasm. I looked at the somber color scheme and melancholic expressions of the goddesses on its box and manual. Unsealing the 80-card deck, I saw the cards’ muddy-dark borders, black backgrounds and small, often hazy goddess images and thought, "Oh, dear..." I’m still not totally sold on Waldherr’s design concept or all of her artwork, but I have since had the pleasure of successfully working with her culturally-diverse goddesses in a few readings.

Some of these images are quietly, mysteriously captivating. Two particularly well-rendered portraits–the tropical Cimidye, for instance, surrounded by flora and fauna and the dark-shrouded Hekate--are side-by-side on my desk right now, teaching me intense, Scorpionic lessons. I discovered that Waldherr’s goddesses speak clearly and bring spark to any reading, whether used on their own or to enhance a more traditional Tarot deck’s layout. They’re powerful for one-card consultation (ask a goddess a question) or meditation.

This is also a very easy deck to learn. Consult the 120-page manual for handy background information on goddesses who might be unfamiliar to you and for Waldherr’s excellent bibliographic recommendations. Otherwise, plunge right in; explore the cards on your own and try a reading.

Each card bears its goddess’s name, attribute and oracle statement–for instance, Rhiannon, The Horse Goddess, counsels you to "Choose an action to reach your goal. Now is the time." Hsi Wang Mu, Goddess of Eternity, counsels you to "Find what is eternal within yourself." The set includes a lovely, antique gold drawstring bag to store these goddesses in due style.

Francene Hart: Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck (Bear & Co, 2001; 1-879181-73-8)

There’s something appealing to the human psyche about the stripped-down archetypes of geometrical shapes: circles, triangles, squares. Francene Hart takes these basic ones and adds in many other images of sacred import: the hexagon, the yogic Sri Yantra, the DNA helix and many more symbols that sometimes overlap shamanism and ascension spirituality. As a work of art, this 64-card deck has mixed results. Some cards are fanciful and stunning–for instance, June Companions ("Transformation"), with its detailed illustrations of swallowtail butterflies and dragonflies, one of my favorites. Others are mind-boggling plain and wan. For the most part, however, this deck will stimulate your imagination, and the 143-page, well-written book will guide you through Hart’s esoteric pathways.

Alex Grey: Sacred Mirrors Cards (Inner Traditions, 2006; 1-59477-162-6)

Admirers of Alex Grey’s visionary art will enjoy this richly-produced collector’s item: a deck of 22 oversized (8 x 4 1/2) images from Grey’s out-of-this-world Chapel of Sacred Mirrors. The paintings span the spectrum of humanity, showing every anatomical and spiritual layer of being. See for more information about the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors.

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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Podcast interview with Alessandra Belloni
My series of interviews for Great Dance Podcast continues with a delightful conversation with dancer-musician Alessandra Belloni.  Born in Rome, Belloni is a world-renowned expert on the ritual music and dances of Southern Italy.  Currently, she's sharing her traditions at the famed Goddess Conference in Glastonbury and will be teaching her annual retreat--Rhythm is the Cure--in Tuscany later this month. On the Great Dance Podcast page, you'll find links to Alessandra's Web site and to more information about her work and upcoming events.  Enjoy!
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