“The secret of writing is love.  You probably don’t hear that in a classroom–it’s something nonconceptual.  It’s something you do.  The more you do it, the fuller the well stays.” –from “Teaching and Learning: An Appreciation of Rick Bass and His Writing” by Thomas J. Lyon in The Literary Art and Activism of Rick Bass, edited by O. Alan Weltzein (The University of Utah Press, 2001)

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Eva has signed on as an editor and blogger with Mark McElroy's new site, The Tarot Channel.  www.thetarotchannel.com.

Gay City News: www.gaycitynews.com  Eva was a contributing writer for GCN from December 2005 to February 2007, specializing in dance criticism.

Crescent Magazine: www.crescentmagazine.com.  2003 issue: article, "That Boogie Down Spirit")

Tarot Canada International: www.tarotcanada.ca (Type "Eva Yaa Asantewaa" into the Search box.)

The Village Voice: www.villagevoice.com (Type "Eva Yaa Asantewaa" into the Search box. Dance reviews, features; mind/body/spirit features and book reviews.)

Dance Magazine: www.dancemagazine.com (Unfortunately, Dance Magazine does not index its archived reviews by authors' names. For more information about and samples of Eva's review and feature writing for Dance Magazine, please contact her directly.)

The Pedestal Magazine: www.thepedestalmagazine.com  (Type "Eva Yaa Asantewaa" into the Search box. Poetry)

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