How Tarot Works is a fun, fascinating look at Tarot's practical magic. Learn how these 78 rich images enhance creativity, spirituality, and healing insight into self and others!

If you've always been intrigued by Tarot but believe that you can't possibly learn this beautiful, complex form of divination, How Tarot Works is for you!

If you feel stuck in your efforts to make sense of what you're reading in the hundreds of Tarot books on the market, How Tarot Works is for you!

If you've had unsatisfactory Tarot readings but sense that there must be more to Tarot counseling than gloomy predictions, coercive advice, or fraud and exploitation, How Tarot Works is for you!

If you're uncertain about what to look for in a Tarot reader, how to prepare for your Tarot session, or how to ask the most useful questions, How Tarot Works is for you!

If you want to learn how Tarot can help you:

* release troubling personal history and ease present-day worries and stress

*achieve a more balanced, holistic view of yourself and others

*identify your goals and understand your life's special path

*enhance your powers of creativity and decision-making

*develop your intuition and psychic sensitivities

*broaden and deepen your spiritual life

How Tarot Works is for you!

Eva Yaa Asantewaa has gained trust and respect as a professional Tarot counselor and teacher for nearly 30 years. Her special presentation, How Tarot Works, will give potential students and clients a look at Tarot's practical magic from the inside out. Eva's instructional guidance emphasizes developing personal rapport and communication with the cards through a variety of creative, right-brain, and ritual techniques. Eva has created methods for using Tarot's grand symbolic images as gateways for the exploration and transformation of consciousness. Her longtime students avoid dependence upon Tarot manuals and gradually become more discerning about which Tarot authorities and resources have genuine value. Students overcome self-consciousness, uncertainty, and inhibition about reading for others. They uncover their inherent intuitive and psychic abilities. They make remarkable personal breakthroughs and have fun, too!

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